New Battlefield turns to casual masses

EA has announced it will be releasing a free Battlefield Heroes game in the summer. Developed by series veteran DICE, it will be a cartoon-inspired war game powered by advertising and micro transactions. This is known as "Play 4 Free".

Aimed at the mass market, the game will offer a downloadable client, lots of character customisation and hours of shooting madness.

Its fresh art direction will help it stand out, too, just like Team Fortress 2 did last year. Oh, it looks quite similar. Perhaps it's just a coincidence like the Burnout Paradise cover image.

"There's something here for all types of players - be it our core Battlefield fans or casual gamers," said Ben Cousins, big cheese at DICE. "With the new online model we will continually add new content to keep the game fresh and keep players engaged, while integrating player feedback in real time. As a game developer, it is such a cool new way to make games." Head over to the Battlefield Heroes site to keep up to date with its progress.

News source: EuroGamer
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Who cares if it looks like TF2? It's a FREE game! I hope it doesn't play like TF2, though. Very few game modes, and bugger all maps. As long as it has deathmatch, I'll be happy. I'll be even more happy if it can actually run on my system!

Besides the style of the graphics this game's gameplay will be diffrent from Team Fortress 2 if they continue from past Battlefield games and I look forward to it. Look at the Pixar movies turned into games that have a similar look.

Its not really free, you have to pay for upgrades which means theres no skill involved. as if ea don't already have enough money.

YAWN.. one day they will announce the release of battlefield 1942 dx10 extreme WW2 experience edition. I live in hope.......;)

(ZombieFly said @ #2)
YAWN.. one day they will announce the release of battlefield 1942 dx10 extreme WW2 experience edition. I live in hope.......;)

Well, the small minority of hardcore gamers is the only real audience that Battlefield attracted in the past, maybe they are just trying to expand their market with the series, making it a little more profitable. Battlefield: Bad Company won't break their cycle of only hardcore gamers either as probably only people with a high end dual/tri/quad core processor will be able to play with the physics engine that it uses.

so it's gonna look like tf2? I'm all for TF2 looking like TF2 but Battlefield looking like TF2? I hope not. Make it look like BF2 just with better graphics And more dynamic objects.