New BlackBerry 10 QWERTY phone images leak

While we have seen render images of what appears to be the first QWERTY keyboard-based BlackBerry 10 device released on the Internet before, there haven't really been any clear images of an actual production model. That may have changed this weekend. The BlackBerry fan site claims to have gotten a hold of some sharp images of that upcoming smartphone from Research in Motion.

The images on the site also show that it is actually running the BlackBerry 10 OS, unlike some earlier leaked images from the same site that showed blurry images of the smartphone. N4BB also claims that the final production name of this device, which has been referred to in the past as the N-Series, will be the BlackBerry X10.

So far, the only offical image that RIM has released of its BlackBerry 10 hardware lineup is a teaser image that shows part of the back of one of its two smartphones. RIM will be holding its official launch event for BlackBerry 10 in New York City and other parts of the world on January 30th. The touch screen exclusive model will likely be released first, with the QWERTY keyboard model to be released later in the year.

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A tad underwhelming. Have to see it in action, the full touch version seems much nicer though - even if it did look like a back-to-front iphone 5.

Gotta love the RIM bashers.. remember Apple in 97??? MS has to bail them out people they were days away from bankruptcy and closing up shop. RIM is still in the black even though the stock dropped and sales as well in North America. They are selling very well abroad and the customer base there is growing rapidly. Countries like India love BlackBerry and well lets just look at at the population there. As for the comment about the resolution.. LOL thinking the issue was with the device that took the picture in the first place not the actual phones display. As for notifications... RIM created the notification bar.. not the droids. As for the icons.. well quite frankly all new smartphones have very simular icons.

I hate to say it, but this looks like a mix of old BB UI and Android crapware spaghetti UI. There's tiles with rounded corners underneath the icons now and a few bells and whistles, Whoo Hoo!!!! (being sarcastic), too much like the old BlackBerry phones... I'm sure RIM will be able to move some units, but not in the quantities they used to way back when. Don't know what that will mean financially to RIM, but they will have to pull an elephant out of a hat marketing wise to sway anyone their way in 2013 and beyond.

Even though I'll likely stay with Windows Phone I'm always on the look out for cool QWERTY designs. The hardware on this looks nice, although I would have prefered something more 'edged' like a Nokia design. The software however looks ugly. Too much chrome makes it look like something from 5 years ago.

Well hopefully they have improved shutdown and bootup times on these new devices, my current blackberry takes well over 5 minutes to bootup, that is totally unacceptable for a device that is now only 2 years old.

probably leaked the images themselves in order to try and create a bit of buzz for any already dead product.

For an already dead product? Are you serious? No one will know for sure until the product is actually released. RIM is sitting on a lot of money and they still have a lot of customers so they're not dead yet.

Money or no money, take a look at their shares over the last 5 years, its only going in one direction and it aint up.
Add that to the fact that 2012 is the first year they've started making losses (hundreds of millions), I personally think its only a matter of time.

Their products are generally aimed as businesses, so why the hell are their making their phones so difficult to interact with exchange server and the likes.
If I want my employees blackberrys to talk to exchange server, I don't want to install buggy, blackberry bloatware on my servers, I want the phones to interact like every other smartphone, a very quick one click setup using the open standards.
I swear they're doing it to themselves.

Yes I did know this.
Whilst its good news, its too late, because now I have 100 non BB 10 phones and my servers are riddled with nasty blackberry software (yes it really is nasty software, doesn't place nice with anything, hates java updates, regularly locks itself out, the list goes on....).

They're not in good shape but they're in better shape than they were in September. Shares are currently $11.75 (high of $12.06) compared to $6 in September. If you look at their shares in the past 6 months, it's slowly rising and that makes sense with BB10 on the horizon.

Their current product line is outdated. The Bold 9900 is more than a year old now (1 year and 4 months to be exact). I haven't used a BB7 device and I don't plan on using one so I don't know how good or bad it is for personal use, let alone business use.

I'm confident things will be different with BB10. They're obviously using a new OS and the hardware isn't bad (specs-wise). The best thing they have going now is the emphasis on gestures in BB10. That, and the ability to switch between two modes: one for business use and another for personal use.

As someone who switched from a blackberry to android years ago I can tell you that you're mistaken. That's been the status bar on BB OS forever (or damn near).

Soldiers33 said,
looks no different from any current blackberry. same old design

Not necessarily a bad thing. The iPhone5 looks about the same as the original iPhone.

It doesn't look bad but I wouldn't use it. I'd rather have a full touchscreen device because the physical keyboard would just get in the way for me. And I'd want more screen real estate.

Anaron said,
It doesn't look bad but I wouldn't use it. I'd rather have a full touchscreen device because the physical keyboard would just get in the way for me. And I'd want more screen real estate.

Yeah I agree my 9900 is good but I want more screen

Anaron said,
BB10 is based on QNX Neutrino, just like the BlackBerry PlayBook. It's not outdated at all.

Just like iOS isnt outdated right? QNX and BB10 are similar but not outdated. You can hate on a company all you want but dont judge something that isnt even out yet.

QNX was outdated a decade ago. I guess RIM didn't realize the morons in charge of QNX lost their lead multimedia programming ace a few years ago. This is why QNX has been unable to get BB0S10 into a usable form for so long.

Frank2029 said,

Just like iOS isnt outdated right? QNX and BB10 are similar but not outdated. You can hate on a company all you want but dont judge something that isnt even out yet.

You misread my comment. I didn't say BB10 is outdated.

Having seen the other shots of it, the [green] interface honestly looks like Windows Mobile 6.1, with horrible resolution and terrible colour depth to boot.

It doesn't make sense for it to have the same resolution as its non-QWERTY cousin (BlackBerry Z10). 720x720 isn't bad considering the physical keyboard. As for the colour depth, there's no indication that it'll be bad. I assume it won't be bad because OLED displays usually have great colour depth.

The way I read the last sentence is that the touch screen model does not have a QWERTY keyboard, and that the model with the hardware keyboard is in the QWERTY style. Sorry I guess that's the Virgo in me coming out.