New Diablo III website teases hero classes

Diablo III is getting closer and closer to its May 15 release date and Blizzard is now ramping up the marketing to prepare all those anxious gamers who have been waiting nearly four years for the third game in the action-RPG series. Today, Blizzard launched a new teaser web site that will not only reveal more details about Diablo III but also promises fans a chance to get some in-game items and real world prizes.

The "Darkness Falls, Heroes Rise" site will give more details about each of the five hero classes in Diablo III, with a new reveal each week. The first to get the treatment is the Demon Hunter, complete with a new trailer showing off some gameplay footage and a new short story featuring the character.

The new site also offers Diablo III fans a way to get some in-game items before the game is released. Users can design their own banners to obtain some in-game sigils. You can check out the banners created by others on the site and "like" them if you wish. You can also "like" and share content on the site via Facebook in order to unlock even more content. There's also an art contest that will net the winners a number of hardware prizes.

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Yeah I think the game probably is overhyped but having played Beta I think most previous Diablo fans will be happy, new comers might be weary and get a bit bored but. I dont expect great things from the game but story should be good and gameplay with pretty fun especially in multiplayer aspect.

That video put me off
I'm torn as to whether or not to pre-order, I was going to pre-order nukem but decided against it at the last minute and glad I did. Now I'm starting to think the same thing with this

Hahaiah said,
Most overhyped game since Duke Nukem. Predict mediocre ratings.

Only this game is actually really amazing. I've put over 60 hours into the beta, I just couldn't get enough of it, and the beta only has one chapter of content up to level 13!

There was a mod that used to be on monk weapons that let you gain +2-+5 life per energy spent. It was amazingly overpowered, every time you used a Cyclone Strike it would completely refill your health (it let you tank everything in the game including the final boss of the beta with a full party)

That's just one of the many things that have come and gone in the beta - casters being able to use heavy 2 handed weapons for huge magical damage, Witch Hunter hex used to turn bosses into chickens for easy kills (really funny when this happened)

There's just been so many changes in the beta that it feels like they designed multiple games at once. And I know they can't keep in control what is going to be that "fun overpowered" like Diablo 2 had, because it changed every patch... I honestly can't wait for launch day.