Facebook begins rollout of new design

As Neowin reported back in January, Facebook was testing their new design with a selected group of users.  Today, Facebook has begun rolling out their new design to all 350 million users.  The changes bring a new design to the end user, re-arranging their original layout and adding new features on the main news feed.

One improvement to the layout is the positioning of the new requests, messages and notifications from friends.  Positioned right beside the logo and in between the new position of the search box.  Facebook also moved the home, profile and account tabs, giving users a new account information drop down box for quick and easy access to your settings.



Facebook also added minor adjustments to the news feed, messages, events, photos and more on the left sidebar.  Your games and applications have been moved from the bottom taskbar to your sidebar for quick and easy access.  A quick online user list is also positioned on the left sidebar, for quick access to chat to.


Your reminders for birthdays and events have been readjusted onto the right sidebar, along with suggestions and requests.  Pop-up notifications now appear on the left hand side of Facebook instead of on the right.  One of the bigger changes is to the taskbar which has almost been completely eliminated from the design, now only functioning as your personal chats.


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Wow I am not getting it either clearly .. I love Gui changes and all my friends who are not computer people like as hardcore are getting it before me wtf is the deal clearly anyone who bitches about it should not get it as fast and those that like **** like this ahm myself should get it sooner then later.

Still not on the new one yet....

I have to laugh some people already have groups made "WE WANT OUT FACEBOOK BACK!!!!"

Been on the new new since yesterday. Would be easier to use but currently (as always seems to be the case when the developers give the site a refresh) the live news is all over the place... giving me updates from days ago and passing them off as todays news etc etc

Quite odd that it's not done yet ... I mean ... I guess they run a lot of servers ... but talk about a messy change over! You don't see this with any of my sites! When there's a new design, everyone see's it :P lol

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