New FolderShare client for Windows available

Hi, FolderShare friends,

There's a new version of FolderShare for Windows that's designed to help improve security and reliability. To bring as many people as possible up to date, we'll start prompting users to upgrade this week. When the time comes, you won't be able to sign in until you update. We understand this process may cause some inconvenience, so we strongly encourage you to get a head start and install the new version today.

Thanks for your patience as we get FolderShare into even better shape!

Link: FolderShare Team Blog

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wow impressing, so easy and simple to use, I love it! I wish they would merge the SkyDrive service with this though, it's kind of confusing when you have an account with both services.

Holy crap there is a mac version too.

Now if there was only a Linux version I could install on my file server. Tho I could probably map the samba shares to my PC then access my PC to get to them...

I tried (unsuccessfully) getting my Linux machine to talk to a Windows Domain (to get files off of the Windows Domain). It was a bitch. Sad, but true.