New GTA IV Previews, Screenshots and Missions

Brand new Grand Theft Auto IV information and media have been released. For a complete analyzation of brand new screenshots, head over to the screenshot breakdown page. For descriptions of some brand new missions as well as other new game information such as "friend activities" and boats, head over to the missions breakdown page.

Also, check out previews from the following:
News source: Planet GTA

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Amazing stuff, check out Trailer3 and Trailer1 on the official GTAIV website, really superb. Only thing is... DAMN, NO PC VERSION!!!!!!!!!!!!! :disappointed: :disappointed:

You make it out like it's a surprise. Since GTA went 3D there's never been a PC release before or with the console releases. If you want it for the PC just wait a year or 2.

is he shooting a RPG at a high rise? oh boy... cant wait till people see that and scream its pro terrorism... one person comes to mind *cough tompson *cough*