New IE Holes Defy Latest Patches

Four new holes have been discovered in the Internet Explorer Web browser that could allow malicious hackers to run attack code on Windows systems, even if those systems have installed the latest software patches from the Redmond, Washington company, security experts warn.

Some of the new flaws are already being used to attack Windows users and include a glitch that allows attackers to fake or "spoof" the address of a Web page, as well as vulnerabilities that enable malicious pages from the Internet to be handled by IE with very little scrutiny or security precautions.

A Microsoft spokeswoman acknowledged the reports and said the company is looking into the attacks and is considering what steps to take, including the release of an emergency security patch to address the problems.

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only visit sites that are reputable. If someone you don't know sends you a link, think twice about it. A good firewall never hurts either.

many pages are reputable. If a server gets compromised, it doesn't take away from the server's reputation. A "reputable" page is one you can reasonably (meaning you don't just trust it because it sounds cool) trust. Google is a prime example of this. I know visiting will not introduce my system to something hazardous. Same with Neowin and Majorgeeks and Betanews.

Faster? When MS would release patches as soon as possible, people bitched about how they were released too often. Defending IE is not silly. It's still a good browser if you have half a brain and know how to browse the web safely. I used IE exclusively before using Fx and I never had any issues.