New image spotted of Samsung's 7-inch phone, the Galaxy Mega 7.0

Yesterday, we reported that Samsung is preparing a big new addition to its range of Galaxy smartphones, one that features an enormous 7-inch display. Judging by the reactions from our readers, Samsung probably shouldn’t expect too many sales of the gigantic device among the Neowin community.

But despite lacking the support of this particular demographic, it seems that Samsung is nonetheless forging ahead with its plans to release the vast new handset. Today, a new image has emerged, giving us a slightly better idea of what it will look like when it launches, albeit sporting a protective case.

First published by, the device is again seen with China Mobile logos and, for the time being, it remains unclear whether or not it will remain exclusive to that market and, perhaps, that carrier too. Although the Mega 7.0 was previously seen picking up its certification via America’s FCC, this is no guarantee that the handset will actually see a launch there.

Pricing and availability details are still unclear, but GSM Arena speculates that it could be launched at an event scheduled for June 12, at which Samsung’s new Galaxy Tab S range is due to be unveiled.

Source: via GSM Arena

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What is this obsession with increasing a phone's screen? I have not been living under a rock, but have they finally found the land from Gulliver's Travels where there are some giant people and now Samsung is making phones for them?

Information is cramped on a small screen. Making the screen larger makes viewing more comfortable in terms of not having to squint and also having the capacity to display more at once. Different people have different preferences for how much they'd trade display size for device size.

The hardware market is getting cramped, and an easy way to expand sales is to generate devices that have smaller but untapped pools of buyers. So far, haven't seen evidence that all OEMs are going to only make gigantic phones, so this in itself is no big (haha) deal.

..."Different people have different preferences for how much they'd trade display size for device size"... Exactly, I would much rader have screen real state than making old fashion calls anymore, also I can simply use an earpiece, matter solved. Video Calls (Sorry iFacesTime!) are better in bigger screen, so as long as its not heavy and obviously battery increases, yes bigger screens are better!

I was just thinking about the ergonomics of having a phone with a screen of that size. The bigger the screen, the bigger the overall frame has to be, the more one-hand operation would be impaired. And, if one cannot use a phone one-handed, this (IMO) is a bad thing. I do not deny that larger screen makes for a more comfortable viewing, but going up and up is likely to bring diminishing returns. Not to mention increasing engineering challenges that may be resolved in their flagship, but they may not think it is worth doing so in fringe phones like this one.

Also, Samsung coming up with these large phones could potentially tread on the toes of their phablets and cannibalise some of those sales. Finally, Samsung is saturating the market with phones for every whim and, as has been proven time and again, too much choice has a negative instead of a positive effect.

JHBrown said,
Wow, so this could be really true. I'm wondering what the market demand is for a phone this size.

There isn't. They're just trying to out-do Apple.

DeltaXray said,

There isn't. They're just trying to out-do Apple.

As usual. They're bloating the market just like many other OEM's in my opinion and it's annoying me.

COKid said,

Uh, iPhone 6?

Uh, rumors?

Competing means the product exists and has been announced. Samsung has plenty of mega phones out there that are real. That doesn't mean they are trying to outdo Apple. If anything its the opposite (if the rumors of the 6 are even true).

Mr.XXIV said,

As usual. They're bloating the market just like many other OEM's in my opinion and it's annoying me.

As silly as this phone may be, choice = bloat?

"There isn't. They're just trying to out-do Apple"... Wow, that is what 3.5" original iPhone defenders said, and guess what, Apple copied others! And I know quite a few Note owners, so bascally, yes there is a market for it. i Phone no more also!

Samsung likes to try new things, whether people buy it or not decides if it will stay. That's how the Note line of phones came to be.

That joke about mixed up Samsung phone and TV appears to be not fully a joke. As it says - there is a grain of truth in every joke.

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