New iPods predicted in weeks

A new version of the iPod Nano will be introduced within the next two to three weeks, according to Digg founder and Apple watcher Kevin Rose. In a blog posting, Rose cites anonymous sources in a personal blog posting which details the reported plans from Apple. He claims that the upcoming rollout will include a new version of iTunes and a redesigned iPod nano.

The new nano would reportedly be thinner and longer than its current incarnation, allowing for a wider screen. Additionally, the new nano would also feature a rounded, cylindrical casing. While Rose's report makes no mention of wireless networking, a past filing from Apple could point to the addition of WiFi hardware on the device.

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As i said in other news about this new nano, i think that exchanging the device's size for a larger screen would a bad move.

That's why it is called nano, size.

I own a 3rd Gen and im very happy with its design. I would never buy a larger nano than this. If i want a larger screen, there are plenty of options, including iPod Touch and Zunes.

(rural said @ #7)
It all seems rather staged if you ask me. And what takes pictures that bad?

Of course it's staged: This is all part of a marketing campaign. Welcome to the world of retail.

You've got to admit that the model on his website is cute. The only problem is that it is a folded piece of paper with an inserted plastic sheet to simulate a screen. It very likely could be the direction that Apple is taking the ipod lineup. There have been a number of rumors that they will be discontinuing the ipod classic player, going back to a less square nano lineup and finally putting the ipod touch at the front of their lineup. I don't see massive price cuts coming, nor a subscription in the current economic struggles we are facing.

Something like this might be possible:

ipod touch 16gig player $249
ipod touch 32gig player $349
ipod nano 8gig $149
ipod nano 4gig $99

Discontinued: ipod classic and shuffle...

i have heard about the rumors but i dont think they will get rid of the ipod classic.
at least i dont hope so. i mean there are a lot of audiophile music lovers that feel the need to carry all of their music with them and all...

i always looked at the ipod classic as the mac pro of the ipod line. only some use it but its still there for the ones who need it.

would be a shame if apple would start focusing on the consumer market only (ipod wise) and not take care of the ones who only want an ipod with a lot of storage but less whatever (in comparison to the ipod touch of course, the ipod nano is more of a mainstream-product anyways...).

but thats just me... and only hopes.

One thing I never really liked about the iPods is the lack of a FM tuner. Yea, FM radio is going out but there is still some stations that I like to listen to. And yes, I know there are addons for the iPod but they make the iPod bulky. Apples needs a build in FM tuner.

Thats why I normally like Creative and Zunes since they have that extra feature and the sound quality is still excellent. I just hot an iPod since it has more accessories.

Not only that, but my gym has TVs set up to watch and you tune your FM radio to the displayed frequency to hear the program. FM still has some use.

I have two PMPs that have FM tuners, a Zune 80 and a Cowon D2. Neither of the FM tuners are worth using. Sound quality is awful even when you do have decent reception.

(Shadrack said @ #4.2)
I have two PMPs that have FM tuners, a Zune 80 and a Cowon D2. Neither of the FM tuners are worth using. Sound quality is awful even when you do have decent reception.

I have a Sandisk E250, and very extensively use the FM tuner. I even noticed a distinct drop-off in quality with the Rockbox firmware (I think because it's tuning in a different manner-- maybe 104.70 versus 104.725 or something.

Yeap, rumor has it that it will look like the much 'thinner' 1st gen Nano. Kudos to that, I loved that design and I still have mine

Reminds me of the 1st-gen Nano. I hope they go back to that design, because the current Nanos look crap. They just took the blueprints for the iPod and put it in a photocopier at 50%.

I have a 3rd gen nano and the pictures don't do it justice. It's much better looking and tiny compared to the stupid long ones in my opinion. It fits into the credit card slots in my wallet and inside my headphone case... no chance of a big long 'nano' doing that.