New LifeCams unleashed

Today MS Hardware announces two new LifeCam models that will hit store shelves later this month. The VX-7000 and the NX-3000 each boast a sleek design alongside impressive features for capturing and sharing photos with friends and family.

The VX-7000 is designed for the desktop PC, with a 2.0-megapixel sensor for HD video (2.0 MP) and still photography (7.6 MP interpolated). Its new design allows it to fit seamlessly onto a PC monitor; in addition, it offers:

  • Built-in unidirectional microphone with acoustic noise cancellation
  • 71-degree wide-angle lens
  • Automatic adjustments for low-light conditions
  • Illuminated LED to indicate when it's in use
View Image: The VX-7000

For laptop PCs, the NX-3000 offers video at 640x480 resolution, HD still photography (1.3 MP) and a built-in unidirectional microphone with acoustic noise cancellation.Other features are:

  • Automatic audio control to enhance sound clarity
  • Swivel lens to adjust camera angle for use on notebooks
  • Illuminated LED indicates when it's in use
  • Video Effects to personalize video calls
  • Protective carrying case
View Image: The NX-3000

LifeCam users with Windows Live Messenger (Beta) should note that they can take advantage of a new virtual photo album called Photo Swap, which allows sharing of photos in real time.

Both the VX-7000 and NX-3000 will be available later this month, at estimated retail prices of US$99.95 and US$59.95, respectively.

News source: Windows Vista Blog

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well compared with the other LifeCam models i think they look great
price range = so so
not the best option but not the worst by far

i find it hard to get all anal over a webcam that honestly brings nothing new to the market
now if only it could detect when my coffee had gone cold and told my kettle to get its act together i'd be made up

The VX-7000 looks like the old photo slide machine my parents had once upon a time..LMAO!!
The NX-3000 is not much better,a little bit of retro is ok,but those are going a little bit overboard.

Blue LED on the VX-7000 huh? sure hope its not one of those ultra bright blue LED's... definatly would not want to be stareing at that for a long time...