New low-cost Lumia 530 headed to Cricket Wireless

Last week, we reported that a new low-cost Windows Phone 8.1 device is on the way. Known by its codename 'Rise', the device is expected to be called the Lumia 530 at launch. Until now, it appeared that the handset might be exclusive to T-Mobile USA. 

The Lumia 630 is Microsoft's most affordable Windows Phone 8.1 device - but not for long, it seems

But for those considering a Windows Phone on a budget, there is good news, and since it comes from the leak machine that is @evleaks, there's a pretty good chance that the info is sound. He says that the device will not be tied down to T-Mobile alone, but that it will also be made available on Cricket Wireless, AT&T's subsidiary carrier for prepaid mobile services. For the time being, a question mark remains over whether or not the device will make it to even more carriers in the US, or indeed to other markets. 

Curiously, he refers to the handset's codename today as 'Rock', rather than the 'Rise' codename that he had previously reported. Given that T-Mobile is no stranger to getting its own Windows Phones - even with custom hardware, such as the Lumia 810 - it's possible that the T-Mo variant of the Lumia 530 is simply being developed under a different internal moniker. 

The 530's specs remain a mystery for now and, as you've probably guessed, there's no indication of how much this thing might cost when it goes on sale. One thing does seem clear though: it won't be available for a while. The Lumia 530 is not expected until the fourth quarter of this year, making October the earliest that we might hope to see the new device. 

Source: @evleaks 

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The price of the 530 will have to be much lower than the 630, since the 630 will have been on the market for ~5 months and likely be discounted by the time the 530 is released. This implies that a year from now discounted 530's will sell for as little as one month of cell phone service. If this is true, the 530 will be a great example of the 80/20 rule, with 80% of the functionality available for 20% of the price.

Next year, will average consumers believe a flagship phone is worth paying 5-10 times the price of a 530?

Okay, so why aren't all these phones coming out at the end of the month? We're having to wait until July, August, September, October, and even later...

It's annoying.

pmbAustin said,
Okay, so why aren't all these phones coming out at the end of the month? We're having to wait until July, August, September, October, and even later...

It's annoying.


pmbAustin said,
When Apple announces a new version of iOS, it doesn't take six months to get it in a phone.

Lol, except it does! iOS 8 announced today, coming in the Fall =). WP8.1 is taking roughly the same time as that. It takes a while to get things going.

One of the reasons Android has enjoyed so much success and Windows phone has not is because of the lack of a low end Windows Phone option on MVNOx like Cricket. Android is in many cases the only smartphone option other than Blackberry. Hopefully this is a sign of things to come where there is an option of Windows Phone on every carrier, but they should also add a medium and high end, and dual SIM options as well.