New Lumia 1525 reportedly coming to T-Mobile

It’s been almost nine months since Nokia announced the enormous Lumia 1520 handset, alongside its first Windows tablet, the Lumia 2520. As we reported a couple of days ago, the 2520 is said to be on its way to T-Mobile US, and now it seems that the 1520 may be joining it there in some form.

The Lumia 1520 was announced back in October 2013

According to @evleaks, a previously unheard-of device, known as the Lumia 1525, will make its way to T-Mobile at some point. No further details were revealed, but common sense would suggest that the 1525 is a variant of - or a successor to - the flagship 6-inch Lumia 1520.

At this stage, it isn’t yet clear if the 1525 will simply be a refreshed version of the 1520, or if it will be an entirely new model. Nokia’s numbering scheme for its devices isn’t quite logical enough to draw any conclusions from the similar model names, as the Lumia 620, 625 and 630 have shown.

T-Mobile has recently launched the brand new entry-level 4G handset, the Lumia 635, replacing the Lumia 521 in its range, which was itself a carrier-specific version of the ultra-affordable 520. It is possible that the company plans to introduce the 1525 as a unique variant of the 1520, although whether or not T-Mo intends to give its specs a boost for the launch remains to be seen. AT&T currently remains the only US carrier to offer the Lumia 1520.

Source: | image via Nokia

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TechJunkie81 said,
Hopefully it isn't crippled like the AT&T version.

What is crippled on the AT&T version besides it being locked to AT&T?

16GB internal storage and we had to wait forever to get apps and games on SD storage. Also PMA wireless charging instead of the more supported Qi standard. Nokia made concessions to ATT to get it on their network.

This is great and all. But, if T-Mobile would carry more than two WP devices at any given time, they'd probably sell more.

If this is a 1520 variant, it'll probably be too large for my taste. I think 5.2"-5.3" is probably my upper limit. But, hooray for choice!

I thought the same thing, but when I got my family on the same AT&T plan I had an option to get a new device and there wasn't anything else I wanted, so I tried the 1520. It does fit in my pocket and I have to say that after a while I did adjust to the size. I've had a chance to compare it to the Icon and I'll tell you that the screen size does make a difference in web browsing, RDP sessions, and editing/managing pictures. There's a number of other places having the larger screen is an advantage, but the big one I have is that I don't carry my Dell Venue 8 anymore. Now I just keep my 1520 and sometimes I take along my Dell Venue Pro 11 if I know I'm going to do some work. Its a personal preference, but I think the combination of a Phablet, and >11" tablet/convertible is the best combo I've had in a long time.

George P said,
If true it just shows how T-Mobile really likes getting it's own "custom" versions of phones.

Unfortunately, just like Verizon and ATT