New 'Meet Pre' video from Palm emerges

Yesterday, one YouTube user was kind enough to post a video of Windows Mobile 6.5 running on a HTC Touch HD. Today it's the turn of WebOS from Palm Pre to grab all the attention. Neowin posted a video earlier this month, in which Peter Skillman, the man behind the design of Palm Pre explained the features of the much-awaited Palm Pre. A new video sporting the Palm Pre's Calender feature appears in the Palm website adding much more anticipation to the Pre, which is rumored to hit the stores on March 15.

Have a look at the Calender Interface integrated with Contacts demonstrated in the video below.

Pretty cool interface, isn't it?

Meanwhile don't forget to check out the the impressive spec list of Palm Pre and the photo gallery in Palm's site which explains how to work with multiple applications in Pre, the notification bar, Web-connected applications , Universal Search and other features of Pre.

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You see, Palm knew what needed to be done. Their old system was really starting to show its age, so they threw it out and designed a new one that has a great touch interface. Microsoft needs to do the same thing with WinMo.

I have never really been a Palm fan, but I must say this looks nice. They support a capacitive touchscreen (unlike WinMo), they don't lock down application distribution (unlike iPhone), and they allow multi-touch (unlike Android and WinMo).

It does seem almost like they took the problems with every other phone and got rid of them. But we still haven't used the phone, very few people have seen it in person. I'm sure there's something wrong with it :P

I am very impress that palm pulled out all the stops and hired some good techs to beef up the interface. Looks very slick, but I wanna see how it will stack up to the g1 in terms of software apps.

It's actually NeXTSTEP, which was Steve's company anyway.

And as for what went before, has really nothing to do with OS X.

I'm not going to call it an iPhone killer, because every time something is declared a * killer it falls flat on its face (I'll save the examples, you guys know what I'm talking about).

But if this phone is half as good as the demos make it seem, it could be some serious competition in a market that could use some. It just might motivate Apple to push the iPhone even further, which I wouldn't mind at all.