New Microsoft Store planned for Jacksonville, Fla.

Microsoft has opened several of its full-service and specialty stores in the past year.

Jacksonville, Fla., may receive a Microsoft Store soon, if some plans it's filed with the city are approved.

According to a report by the Financial News & Daily Record, a Jacksonville-based business journal, Microsoft filed plans for a 4,975-square-foot store with the city of Jacksonville. The article notes the Microsoft Store, if constructed, will be located within proximity of an Apple Store, as is the case with many of the company's stores. No lease has been signed yet, the Record reports, though city officials said discussions are ongoing.

The store, which is planned to be located in the St. Johns Town Center, will mark Microsoft's 66th full or specialty retail store. In terms of Florida locations, Microsoft currently has a full store located in Orlando as well as specialty stores in Aventura, Miami and Tampa; a full store in Miami is expected to open next month.

Microsoft has been rapidly increasing its amount of full stores in the past year. The company opened a new full-service store earlier this month in Salt Lake City and opened five specialty stores this month. In addition to the aforementioned Miami store, full-service stores are soon to arrive in Natick, Mass.; Troy, Mich.; and St. Louis., Mo.

Source: Financial News & Daily Record via Windows Observer | Image via Microsoft

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Note to Microsoft: There is a world outside North America where retail is alive and well. This is where Apple is far ahead of the game. I still can't quite believe that a massive Apple store has recently arrived not 10 miles from where I live here in the UK. This is not a huge town or even a mega size shopping centre. But it is in a regionally strategic location and that's the key to this.

I'm sure I'm wrong and there are dozens of deep-thinking nerds pouring over endless consumer data about where the best place is to open yet another US store but it seems to me like they're just opening stores wherever the malls (which happen to also have Apple stores) will allow them, without a clear strategy.

Don't make the same mistake as the Zune HD. Welcome to the rest of the world!