New Microsoft video claims the world is "ready" for Windows 8

The keynote event for the Windows 8 press launch in New York City earlier today began with a rather interesting video clip. Now, Microsoft has released that video as yet another new promotional tool for Windows 8.

The 97 second clip shows a spinning globe of the world that is placed in several locations around the world; it also shows a number of recent Microsoft events from overseas. They include the recent world record setting Windows AppFest and the Windows 8 pre-launch event in China that was just held earlier this week.

Obviously, the theme is that it won't be just the US or Europe that will feel the impact of the launch of Windows 8 but that this is truly a global event. It's currently unknown if this clip will become a part of Microsoft's official TV commercial campaign for Windows 8.

As we reported earlier this week, Microsoft is expanding its number of Windows 8 TV ads and creating a several of them for different territories and languages. They included a parkour ad for Asian countries and an "after party clean up" clip for Latin American customers; q new US ad features an indie rock band playing on the road.

Source: Microsoft on YouTube

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I'm not ready for Windows 8.
"I have a problem with the fact that they just make really third-rate products." (Jobs)

Keep dreaming Microsoft! If you polish up 8 with Windows 9, then I am upgrading. Until then, my gaming beast with Windows 7 runs fast. My IPS screen at 2560x1600 makes Windows 7 just as beautiful.

I hardly consider the young children shown as being representative of the world at large. Since the OS is oriented to expensive toylike devices, the use of children is appropriate.

When there's no rational reason to adopt a new product, then let's work on emotional triggers in advertisements (by showing happy faces, expressing gratitude or whatever).
This ad , just looks like desperate marketing, for a product hard to sell.
Sorry, but the world is ready for a major backlash against windows 8.

I gotta say, their videos this year are much better produced than what they were putting out last year. Whoever decided to scrap and rebuild their marketing department deserves a medal.

I bought a PC in august so quality for the $14.99 upgrade (what's the UK price?), could I get a license now and then sit on it and upgrade in like a year or so? Will it start saying my Windows 7 license has expired?

GreyWolf said,
Ugh... Release it for download, already!

5 more hours.. maybe 4.. i'm not sure they can really restrict things in the US down to timezones very well