New Microsoft video talks about 3D printing features for Windows 8.1

As part of the launch of the Windows 8.1 public preview, Microsoft announced that the update to Windows 8 would include native driver support for 3D printers. Today, Microsoft posted up a new entry in its 'On The Whiteboard" series that offers up some of the reasons why Microsoft is supporting 3D printing in its latest OS.

The video, posted on YouTube, begins with a visit to MakerHaus, a company in Seattle that lets people use their studio and tools, including their advanced 3D printers, to create products and designs. MakerHaus's Mike Kemery is shown talking about how, in his opinion, putting in 3D printing support in Windows 8.1 is one of the first steps to turning this hobby-like venture into something that will be as revolutionary as desktop printing was 20 years ago.

The video also features Microsoft's Shanen Boettcher who compares the current mainstream reaction to 3D printers to people who thought, way back when, that there was no need for a microwave oven in the kitchen. Boettcher says that in the future, 3D printers will be considered " ... a convenience that people are going to really enjoy." He says that Microsoft wants to make 3D printing as easy as printing a Word document is today.

Microsoft already sells the MakerBot Replicator 2 at its Palo Alto and San Francisco Microsoft Stores retail locations for $1,299, with plans to sell that device in other stories later this year.

Source: Microsoft

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3D printing has got to be the most hyped and then the most disappointing when someone tries it. It's a lot like 3D TV. The scope of materials that can be used is extremely limited. Something as simple as a hardened and tempered metal bracket is beyond the capabilities.

aaaaaaahhHHHHH I still want one.. I have been using EasyToy (trial) in a virtual machine to create obj files, which are printable with solidoodle (tested). came out perfect, so I need it to make miniatures, figures and goodies for my webbersite. if only I had the funds... 800 is definitely not a lot, my Graphtec CRP was 1100 bucks, so I should be able to get this somehow..

Excellent! I'm making my own 3D printer right now and enlarging parts from a kit.
I still need to obtain the printer heads and I'm looking for ones like from the CubeX Trio.
It's going to make objects up to 1 cubic meter and hope to have it completed by the end of the year, so this is just great.

Tyler R. said,
Linux had support for 3D printing before Windows did. It's so nice of them to join the party.

No one cares about Linux.

Oh, good one. I bet you think you're sooo uber cool. I was simply making a comment about how linux adopts new hardware quicker than competitors. Geez, people. Go be an ass somewhere else.

Kind of to be expected when the article had nothing to do with Linux, never mind Linux typically has a much faster release cycle depending on your distro, that's kind of a given.