New MMOG Uses Entire Internet As Gaming Arena

GAMELAYERS, a San Francisco startup, has developed a massively multiplayer online game, which uses ordinary Web browsing. The game's aim is to "improve" the experience of navigating the Net, by adding guidance and companionship to surfing.

The game, called PMOG (passive multiplayer online game) takes place across the whole Web, around the clock. The concept is that players get points for their online surfing habits as opposed to fictional characters they create. Players collect points as they visit different sites and can take part in or set missions which will lead themselves and others through a variety of different websites. Along their way, players can send each other instant messages; leave link "gifts", points, and various game equipment.

They can even detonate small virtual explosives which make the other players' browser windows temporarily and harmlessly shrink. Players can opt in or out of the game whenever they want and can leave notes for each other on the sites they visit, but these will be invisible to all non players. As in MMOGs, gamers pick up tools and skills along their way, in a game that is never-ending.

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Link: GameLayers
Download: PMOG

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Projected Surveillance Entertainment
<- somewhere on the page, which i also find to be TOO simple.

Nice... and no they will sell of all email addresses that people has used to "join the beta" to some Spam company :p

More ads, more tracking...bah..

I was willing to give this a go, but I can't, as it's Firefox only, so I'm ignoring it completely until they bring out an IE version.

I've heard about this game, apparently it's made by Al Gore and has proven to be much more popular than the "Outside" MMOG :P

That is going to be the BIGGEST ANNOYANCE IN THE ENTIRE WORLD. I think this is going to be worse than Bonzi Buddy.

This will probably give Virgin Media an idea when they release Phorm on their network, they will just tell everyone its a game, and everyone will accept thinking its cool ...

It's an interesting concept, albeit a rather pointless one. Probably really easy to make bots and such for it as well, built into a firefox extension or whatever (All it takes is some basic web crawling code and you're there - you could start at a google search of your choice and let the bot run from there).

So they're basically saying "hey world how about you let us become your biggest pain in the ass, feed you ads and track every move you make oh and the added bonus is you never have to leave your house and get fresh air or socialize, heck screw the kids you have to raise you wont get any meaning less points for that!" Well gee butter my butt and call me a biscuit I'm in!

I'd really like to try this! Unfortunately, it involves a Firefox plugin and I will NOT be installing Firefox anytime soon. Someone wanna port this to Safari somehow?

(.hasan said @ #2)
sounds like another way to track your surfing habits and feed you ads

The big problem on those things is that tracking your surfing gives technical possibilities not only to fill you with ads.
We now have a real big brother, and its funny that they make people "want" it.

Sounds interesting. I've signed up for the beta (just enter your email address on their home page) so I can see what it's like. Why not, I like trying knew things