New MP3 logo for retailers

Seven of the UK's most important music download retailers have launched a campaign to help consumers make sense of the popular music format MP3.,,,,, and will all use a new "MP3 compatible" logo to indicate to customers that downloads will play on every PC, Mac and on virtually every available digital music player.

The logo has been devised by ERA Digital, the digital grouping within the Entertainment Retailers Association (ERA). Pictured below, the logo is very clear to consumers that the download is 100% MP3.

Wendy Snowdon, Head of PlayDigital, comments: "It makes sense for customers to buy MP3. Not only can they use the MP3 format on any music device but it's often cheaper to buy this universally-compatible music than it is to buy restricted music from non-MP3 retailers. It's an easy choice."

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I wish mp3 would just die already, it's an outdated format but it won't go away because it's so universally supported.

HellFX said,
Thats why its good... and is free of any restrictions..... live on I say

+1. MP3 is essentially a free standard. Everyone uses it, it gets the job done, and no single entity really owns the rights to MP3 encoding, despite what Thomson and Fraunhofer would like you to believe.

Galley said,
Why is it lower case?

The file extension is lower case, and isnt everything lower case these days. UPPERCASE is so sharp and ugly.

how DARE someone make a logo that ugly. this is the business that i'm in! i will design one and destroy whoever made something that silly looking!

So true, I thought it was the one to the right of the article, but reading it in full it was the bottom one that is pretty damn ugly.

Its like they didn't want to spend a tiny bit of money to get someone to get something made.

Managed (in any way that restricts your rights) = Limited

The very definition of the word "limited" means that if I have any restriction, then my use is limited.

njlouch said,
Managed != Limited

In an ideal world, DRM would serve us as well as industry.

Thanks for making the assumption that those of us who rally against DRM are thieves.

I refuse to purchase music online until it is offered in lossless DRM-free format. Until then, its a waste of money paying for an inferior quality song at the same price as the physical cd.

Mug, apple IS drm, itunes. Don't try and say your precious crappy mac company is clean when it isn't.

n_K said,
Mug, apple IS drm, itunes. Don't try and say your precious crappy mac company is clean when it isn't.

The labels are DRM NOT Apple. Why do you think they have iTunes Plus (DRM free)? Jobs has stated that they'd rather not have DRM but the labels won't allow it.