New Ninja Gaiden 2 Screens

We remember the days when shots that were this good-looking were guaranteed to be renders, but these are game-engine shots and it looks brilliant. All Tecmo needs to do is drip-feed us with these sweet shots of Hayabusa slicing faces off of lesser ninjas. We're already sold on the 360-exclusive sequel, which looks like it'll be one of the most violent games of the generation so far.

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I am all for it as long as they keep the gore. As for the difficulty, you just have to learn to adapt. The first game was not that hard but ninja gaiden black took it to another level that even I wasnt ready for. I think people will do well with it if know what to expect from the last game. I just dont want any cheap AI on the mobs.

Very Mortal Kombatish in terms of gore....I like it. I really hope they keep the difficulty up in this one as they did the last...altho I dont think the last one was as hard as so many say it was. Hack and slash is not my first choice of genres in games and I really didnt have much of a problem with the last one...I did appreciate it tho.

I hope they keep the same learning curve/difficulty. IMO, the difficulty was near perfect in the first NG. It was challeneging and rewarding at the same time, which is a rarity now-a-days.

The added gore only adds to the mayhem, so thats a big plus in my book. Gimme Gimme Gimme.

The first game was kind of hard, depending... I found some things hard that were maybe meant to be easy and vice versa. Like, I had horrid difficulty with motorcycle mobs, but bosses, tough packs of mobs etc I had no issues with -_-


Man, it'd be a ****ting ****tonne of fun to hack things up with those wolverine claws. A LOT OF FUN!

Re: gore, I'm sure, as always with most 'gory' games, there'll be an option to tone it down/turn it off, if you don't like it.

Personally I'm all for it in games, where it should be. Always felt a bit wierd that you're going slice'n'dice pro-chef style on someone, and they're totally unscathed but somehow spill buckets of blood - limb removal makes a bit more sense :P

YaZoR said,
Is this going to be as hard as the first?

Don't count on it. Games that difficult are seen as 'unfun' today.