New Nokia Lumia 1020 video puts its sound recording next to 'S' and 'A'

Most of the hype behind the Nokia Lumia 1020 has been about its 41-megapixel PureView camera, but the company also has some new sound recording technology inside the Windows Phone 8 device. In a new promo video, Nokia shows how the phone's rich recording technology compares to two thinly disguised competitors.

The video, as posted on YouTube, shows a DJ doing his DJ thing on a stage. A disclaimer posted before the video starts states that the video was taken with two prototype Lumia 1020 smartphones, along with clips of the same scene, recorded in the same spot, with "Competitor S" (we would guess that would the the Samsung Galaxy S4) and "Competitor A" (most likely the Apple iPhone 5).

As you can see in the video, "Competitor S" recorded the DJ on the high end of the pitch scale while the same scene filmed by "Competitor A" seemed to have its sound recorded from a great distance. The Nokia Lumia 1020's video clearly had the best sound recording, with some deep bass and overall better sound.

The Nokia Lumia 1020 has three microphones inside that record in full stereo and if this video is any indication of what the smartphone is really capable of, we think that video recording with sound will be a much better experience with this product.

Source: Nokia on YouTube

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I guess fandroids care more about # of cores than improving their 2001 cameras and 2001 audio capture They think everything can be solved if you throw more cores at

Tempted by L1020, though will wait until next year when 5.5inch screen, quad core, 3000mah or higher batteries and 1080p screens are available in a Nokia WP8.1 phone with this camera. Sticking with my L920 till then...IF I can avoid the L1020 temptation!!

IMO, on the video side, all phones were quite good, although the L1020's picture looked a bit sharper (to my eyes).
As far as sound goes, "Competitor S" had a slight distortion, and "Competitor A" had no distortion, but it sounded...empty somehow.
I think the L1020's sound had a little more bass, which made it sound a bit better.

We got our demo model of this phone today at work. I played with it for half an hour or so. The camera is by far the best quality I've seen on a phone. You can zoom really close up and things are still in focus. The camera and shutter also make noise while loading up the app. Not a big deal though.

I wouldn't say so. Samsung did pretty good, but Apple device had very crappy sound and I don't even think it's from iPhone 5.

I'm already impressed by the improved sound recording quality on my 920 - which already far exceeds anything from Samesong or Appal. If this thing is better then it's just one more box ticked on why I will buy one.

"with "Competitor S" (we would guess that would the the Samsung Galaxy S4) and "Competitor A" (most likely the Apple iPhone 5)."

Ya think?

That sounds amazing! Quite the difference. They need to advertise the sound recording capabilities of this phone, talk about a hidden gem.