New Nokia Lumia US owners can get a free headset worth $90

AT&T was already offering people who purchase the new Nokia Lumia 920 smartphone a free wireless charging pad. Now there's word that anyone who buys one of Nokia's four new Lumia phones with Windows Phone 8 will be able to get a free headset that's normally worth $90.

The Monster Purity headsets come in black, white or pink and Nokia is giving one away to people who purchase the new Lumia phones between November 20th and January 16th. Specifically, the offer is for people who buy the Lumia 920 and 820 from AT&T, the Lumia 822 from Verizon and the Lumia 810 from T-Mobile.

The offer itself is detailed on Nokia's headset website. It does require that a person fill out and then print an online form and mail that information into Nokia, along with a copy of the Lumia sales receipt. It also requires the barcode from the smartphone's retail box. Once all of that material is sent in the mail, the headset will be sent out within four to six weeks.

It's clear that Nokia is trying to make buying a Lumia smartphone a better value for the money. Giving customers a free $90 headset will likely go a long way to convince people who are sitting on the fence to pick one up.

Source: Nokia Holiday Headset | Image via Nokia

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What really stinks is that I'm still on a previous contract. I've been wanting to get this phone to replace my 4S. Would have to pay $350 though to terminate the existing contract .

derekaw said,
Wow, they are throwing everything at this? What is next? Free 4 bedroom house with every Lumina?

Oh I'm down with that!

Does anyone think the Nokia Lumia 810 is worth it? T-Mobile just has a choice between the HTC 8X ($199 w/ contract) and the Nokia Lumia 810 ($99 w/ contract).

I really think the 8X is way more sleeker compared to the 810, but it costs like 2X more and I don't think HTC comes with something on par with Nokia Drive or Nokia Transit (I especially could use transit since I'm carless living in a car-oriented city and Bing doesn't have my city yet).

So I'm leaning on settling for the 810. Any thoughts?

Got all the proper stuff in order earlier tonight, ready to send out on Monday to get my freebie :-) - Just got the white 920 in the afternoon from their retail store since it was marked down to $49.99. Great device BUT the Wi Fi issue is definitely in need of fixing. Hoping they will let me get the free charging plate if I call tomorrow and ask nicely.

Sheesh, I still haven't gotten the charger. Not eligible for this. Plus I still gotta get the $50 credit. Sometimes it pays to not be an early adopter.

laserfloyd said,
Sheesh, I still haven't gotten the charger. Not eligible for this. Plus I still gotta get the $50 credit. Sometimes it pays to not be an early adopter.

Early buyers of the 920 are being shafted this week. Aside from what this article describes, I almost threw a tantrum when I realized retailers were holding stock for Black Friday rushes that should've been shipping to people still staring at back-order notices.

On top of that, Walmart's Black Friday offer ($70 for the handset and a $100 giftcard) for the 920 was a kick in the crotch.

Lesson learned. Never buy anything that releases in early November until the day after Thanksgiving.

1. This completed submission form
2. Original or copy of sales receipt showing purchase price and store, dated between November 16, 2012, and December 30, 2012
3. Original or copy of UPC and barcode panel from the eligible Nokia Lumia device package

Darn I bought mines when it came out in october

Gibbyhome said,
that stinks I bough my phone on the 10th

You know what stinks:

Where I live you can only get a Lumia 920 (black or white) for € 799 or at today's exchange rate: close to $ 1.050!! $^$&@!!! And that is a grey market Lumia, no warranty, no charging plate, no headphones, nothing... and no confirmation on when it will actually arrive either...

I've been waiting for this phone to arrive since August (when the rumor mill started), then 5 September came, and then we had to wait for the WP 8 presentation, then there seemed to be exclusive provider deals, then it arrived in only a couple of countries around the world, then it sold out almost everywhere and, now, now the rumor here is that it will not arrive here before January (&^(%#$^&%@(!!!!! Excuse my language...

Sorry Gibbyhome I understand your disappointment, its just that I'm bit frustrated too. Maybe you should try to get a pair. I hear Nokia's service is quite high...

Good luck!