New Office 2010 build leaks

A new build of Office 2010 has surfaced around the Web, identifying itself as "Microsoft Office 2010 Build 4417". The build is not a huge difference but offers small improvements and more stability over the previously leaked Mondo builds which were plagued with problems.

According The Techo Path the most notable new feature is that Back-Stage view has been altered and enhanced a lot more and looks like it's almost finished. There's a new upload center to store and share documents on-line - perhaps through Live Mesh - or it could be the Office Web Applications/Office Live Workspaces. Other noticeable add-ins are a new activation system and updated icons for all applications.

The version that's been leaked is the well known "Mondo" build, which is the equivalent of the "Ultimate" SKU of Office 2007, but also comes with Visio and other separate products. The last version of Mondo that was leaked caused widespread problems and was not able to be uninstalled from computers easily.

View the screenshots below and let us know if you spot anything new.

Office 2010 is the latest and greatest version of Microsoft's flagship Office system. Microsoft Office Word has held a significant place in the news recently after an injunction, against Microsoft, which i4i won.

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activation crap on the new build :(
you are forced to activate, otherwise there is a BIG red bar on title window

If you look closely at the screenshots of the Russian version, much of the wording seems to be merely English disguised as Russian, not the real language at all. Is this a genuine leak?

.Patrick said,
Sadly :(

Hey; I'm in NO hurry for a new build. This one is more stable (and faster) than Office 2007 SP2, which is the REAL scary part (especially since I'nm running x64). Faster I'd expect, but more stable? (Yeeks!)

I liked the old Backstage better. The more bold Office logo and color choice really stood out well in my opinion. 'File' just seems too old.

The old Backstage was a modal window that blocked access to all the other ribbon tabs. It was ridiculous that they even considered doing it that way.

As for 'File': They initially changed it; 'Home' and 'Menu', as well as an Office logo, made appearances, but they went back to file because it's recognizable. They don't just pick these names for no reason. They spend lots of money and time with interface research and real testing to determine what most people would want.

I agree, I'm not a huge fan of just 3 'P' icons. Now you only have the border-color of the icon to see what program it is. What about color blind people?

Avangelon said,
lol, I like how people are more interested in the cat background than the actual news.

That is largely because most of the features in the new Office are being discussed in the Office 2010 threads in the Windowws Beta Forum (the NDA has been lifted).

here's something for you Microsoft. Re-add a classic menu as an option.

You will get more customers, and it won't effect anyone who wants to use the ribbon.

dagrimdialer619 said,
here's something for you Microsoft. Re-add a classic menu as an option.

You will get more customers, and it won't effect anyone who wants to use the ribbon.

Not happening. Has been discussed so much, and there are good reasons for not maintaining two codebases.

Yes, it will affect people on the ribbon, because MS won't be able to dedicate as much support for it. Not only that, but you'd have to train employees and support staff to two methods of using Office.

So: not happening.

boogerjones said,
The build hasn't leaked yet. Screenshots have.

announced to be soon

Can't wait for it to come out. Outlook 2010 with Overlay icon support for Windows 7's Superbar can't come soon enough!

I really wish people would just use a blank desktop when they post this stuff. It's as if they are trying to show off.

On a side note, when I head of leaked builds being hard to uninstall, i like to stay away.