New Online Fraud Tool Kit Discovered

Fraud detectors at RSA Security have found a demo of a new online fraud toolkit that automates the process of setting up fake websites that sit between a user and a real site, such as a bank, she is trying to access with passwords or other authentication. Users must first click on a fake link, usually embedded in a "phishing" email for the fake website to load and steal the username and passwords.

Using the Universal Man-in-the-Middle Phishing Kit, the fraudster creates a fraudulent URL via a simple and user-friendly online interface. This URL communicates with the legitimate website of the targeted organization in real-time – whether it is the online banking site of a financial institution, the order tunnel of an ecommerce company, or any other such business transacting with its users online. The victim receives a "standard" phishing email, and when clicking on the link s/he is directed to the fraudulent URL. The victim then interacts with genuine content from the legitimate website – which has been "imported" by the attack into the phishing URL – thus allowing the fraudster seamless, invisible and immediate access to the victim's personal information.

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So many adverts about clicking links in emails so people then log into their banks, yahoo, myspace, etc... telling people that these people won't send you emails and ask you to log in from emails or to disclose usernames and passwords.

Why does this still happen?

Because people either don't listen or are short of something.