New Palm Pre video emerges

Neowin earlier reported about the features of the new Palm Pre which also included a video showcasing the new phone. Folks at mobiledivide have posted a video in which Peter Skillman, the VP of Design at Palm, Inc. explains the full features of the upcoming Palm Pre.

Peter takes us a ride explaining each and every feature in his own words, the man who was behind the Palm Pre team. Palm Pre certainly looks promising and has got all the right ingredients to become the iPhone competitor.

For now, enjoy the video!

Video Courtesy: mobiledivide

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"the first company EVER to deliver that dialpad as part of a QWERTY keyboard on a mobile phone"

um... have they not heard of the Samsung Alias?

the phone looks good, i can't wait! oh wait... i'm on verizon.

Matt said,
yep. hmm this looks pretty appealing. i wonder when we can expect this to be released.

He said it, but I don't think he meant that it will actually sync with iTunes. It probably just syncs with the non-DRM files in your iTunes library.

Argh, stupid 3 year Rogers contract. I wonder if I can switch from my iPhone and stay on the same plan...

Usually after a while you can get upgrade privileges and get a new phone from them, but you'd end up restarting the three year contract again. Maybe it's different for the iPhone though. For instance, I went from a Razr V3 to a SE W810i about a year and a half through the original 3 year contract starting with the Razr. Right now I can upgrade to the iPhone if I wanted to... but in light of the Pre, screw the iPhone. :P

As much as I despise their billing tactics (the most recent being jacking up prices for cable services) I hope they can bring it to this side of the border soon, and not corrupt the phone with their 'value' packs.

I wonder how easy it will be to develop apps for this, and how many people will write apps for it...

Lots of platforms coming out that want to do this, but right now... Apple is dominate in this respect

Looks impressive, I am quite looking forward to giving it a try myself. It certainly seems to blow Windows Mobile 6.5 out of the water.

Microsoft will have to code their skins out to be at the level of the iphone OS, Andriod and now the palm.. I feel symbian and windows are waaaaaaay behind what the consumers look for in phones today.

MS lets phone makers make their own UIs now. Which is what HTC is doing with 6.0/6.1 devices.

I think it's too early to count out WinMo, who knows if those leaked pics are final or just some concepts running on old test devices.

I'll wait for the mobile show to see what MS actually brings out.