New PS3 YouTube application to be released later today

The PlayStation 3 console has received a number of applications over the years and one of these applications was a YouTube web application which could only play movies in low-resolution. It hasn't been until today that Google's service is being completely revamped for PlayStation 3 owners and now users can enjoy a modern and more aethetically appealing re-release of the application, which now supports the ability to stream videos in HD.

The application allows users to log in using their accounts, and through this the user can access their subscriptions. Another interesting feature is the ability to use your smartphone as a remote control. The update should be available today in North America from the PSN Store with other countries soon to follow.

Source: The Verge

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when i try where it says login, a picture of a phone comes up with letters and numbers on it ? How do i see my subscriptions and playlists ? So are you know unable to go to youtube on your PS3 browser ? please someone help me out ??

So no updates for Sony Blu-Ray BDP-S780 players not even a Netflix update to watch streaming in 1080p and 5.1 surround, I guess Blu-Ray players are out of date devices.

Spyder said,
woooohoooo my ps3 joins 2012!

Now Sony only needs to update their Internet browser to the 21st century.

djdanster said,
Looks very "Modern" <.<

Hello Metro indeed (although more like grandaddy of metro) not surprised though because XMB is just a variation of the "twist UI" from the PMP days.