New Steam beta adds remote game downloads

If you want to buy and download a game on Steam but just can't wait until you get home to your main PC rig, Valve has just added a new feature that allows anyone with a Steam account to remotely download games from anywhere where there's a web browser, including mobile browsers.

In a new post on the Steam support page, Valve reveals the specifics of the new features, which is now in beta testing. All one has to do is to log on their Steam account and head to their games list. If you have purchased a game but it is still waiting to be installed on your main PC, you can now click on that game and it will be downloaded to your home PC without you having to be there physically.

This could be a big time saver if you are at work or on a trip. If a game is released on Steam that you simply have to have, you now don't have to wait to go home to download and install it. While this system is still in beta testing, it's expected that all Steam users will be able to access this new remote downloading feature very soon.

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while this is a neat feature, it's useless for me b/c i put my computer to sleep or turn it off completely when im not at home...

Does this work with the actual apps or just the mobile browser? It would be VERY nice to be able to buy a game from my Steam Android app and then have it download on my home PC before I get home.

If I didn't already use Teamviewer to my home PC, this would be useful, however, this could save time too. I'll have to check this out.