New The Longest Journey game in development

Fans of the two previous games in Funcom's The Longest Journey adventure games have some reason to celebrate today. Today, Funcom has announced that the lead creator of those games is working on a third entry in the series, Dreamfall Chapters.

Funcom's press release announced that Ragnar Tørnquist, who left Funcom earlier this year after the launch of his MMO game The Secret World, has helped to form a new studio, Red Thread Games, and will develop Dreamfall Chapters under a licensing agreement with Funcom.

The press release adds:

Red Thread Games will independently fund and produce the sequel to 'Dreamfall', and has entered into a revenue sharing agreement with Funcom as part of the licensing deal. Funcom owns the intellectual property rights for 'The Longest Journey', but due to the company’s focus on and commitment to the development of online games, the decision was made to license the rights to Mr. Tørnquist and his new development studio.

Tørnquist will still be an adviser (his actual title is Creative Director) of The Secret World while still working at Dreamfall Chapters at the new Red Thread Games. More information on this new game will be revealed later.

Source: Funcom press release | Image via Funcom

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Honestly, I saw the headline and thought this would just be some article written by a guy who stumbled across a mention of Chapters from years ago for the first time. Then I read the first line and was immediately skeptical of Funcom's ability to actually deliver the game with the current state of their business.

Then I read that Ragnar left and formed a new studio to build the game. THAT was the moment I felt relieved, happy, surprised, and hopeful all at the same time.

The profanity filter is all that stands between me and saying the fark yeah this deserves.

Dreamfall was amazing. I still vividly remember parts of it. Stories like that in games are very rare.

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