New Title update released for GTA Online was made to fix many issues

Rockstar Games said before GTA Online launched earlier this week that they anticipated some issues might crop up when they turned on the multiplayer component of Grant Theft Auto V. However, it's likely that the publisher could not have predicted the massive amount of bugs and issues that players have had to content with since GTA Online started. Connection problems, freezing game issues, loading game slowdowns and other bugs were reported by many players this week.

On Friday, Rockstar released the first title update for GTA Online for the PlayStation 3 console, and this morning the same update was released for the Xbox 360 version. The Rockstar website has a list of the bug fixes have been put into this first Title update:

  • Fix to address the issue where players were stuck launching a session before the Mall or Nothing race in the online tutorial.
  • Fix to address an issue where bank & cash were deleted incorrectly in some cases.
  • Fix to address incorrect amounts of cash being dropped when the player dies in Missions and Last Team Standing.
  • Fixes an issue where the Character Switch Wheel would disappear after a failed load.
  • Fixes an issue where attempting to enter GTA Online via the Character Switch Wheel caused a black screen.
  • Fixes an issue where temporary characters were overwriting main characters.
  • Fixes an issue where players were losing apartments and the money they spent on them.
  • Fixes an issue that caused Story Mode missions to be missed in some instances.
  • Removes the autosave that occurred when transitioning into GTA Online from within GTAV Story Mode to prevent the chance of Story Mode saves becoming corrupted.
  • Several tweaks to GTA Online including improving overall stability.

The Rockstar Games Social Club website has also added a new GTA Online section that gives players a way to check out their in-game stats, along with viewing and bookmarking the different Jobs that are currently available in the game. It also lets players view the updated Crew pages and offers a guide with a number of tutorials and tips for playing GTA Online.

In a separate support post, Rockstar says it is still looking into reports that many players have lost items, progress and even whole in-game characters while playing GTA Online. It stated, "We understand how frustrating it is to lose gameplay progress and are working diligently to identify and correct the causes for these losses, as well as to establish how best to restore any lost progress and value." Rockstar has also disabled the microtransaction store in GTA Online but players can still earn in-game cash by taking on Jobs and other kinds of diversions.

Source: Rockstar Games | Image via Rockstar Games

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I am taking notice I am not the only one while playing single player the game crashes because of a " storage device" Be nice if a patch could fix this.

Well, here's hoping, I'll have to go back and see if I can get in
while I have this post, is there any news on when the ifruit app will be available for android?
(seeing as it's the only way I know of, to train chop?)

On the plus side these teething issues should be resolved by the time the PC release hits.

Same for the PS4 and X1 release.

(One would hope)

They have already said they will not be releasing GTA V on next gen consoles but they have not said anything about a PC release yet

They never mention anything about a PC release, but every GTA game since GTA 3 the PC version has arrived 7-9 months after the console release.

Rockstar are rather illusive when it comes to questions, and notoriously difficult to get hold of, they haven't said "It's not releasing for PC" Coding for the PC and PS4 version has been discovered in the Xbox Version.

People are freaking out over GTA 5 PC like Rockstar have never done this. But look at all the release dates for GTA from 3 onwards, compare the console releases with the PC releases.

McKay said,
Coding for the PC and PS4 version has been discovered in the Xbox Version.

No no no, let me just correct you on that, inside a makefile was a configuration that was designed for the PS4 test kit and for a PC, there was absolutely NO further information inside of the makefile to specify what was being built for either target. PC build or just tools for the PC to help the content creators add data to the game? GTA V for PS4 or just testing the engine out on the next-generation hardware to see how well it runs for determining if it's worth making a game using that engine in the future?

Fair enough, but it still doesn't mean there won't be a PC version. Rockstar have done this with 4 different Grand Theft Autos now. No reason to suspect they would break the cycle. I'm sure if it wasn't going to be on PC they'd come out and tell us.

Mandosis said,
They have already said they will not be releasing GTA V on next gen consoles but they have not said anything about a PC release yet

PC is all that matters though. It's always next gen.

Yup, I got stuck at launching session, had to quit the game on my xbox, then couldnt be bothered to try again