New Tomb Raider movie in the pipeline

Eidos exec Ian Livingstone OBE has claimed that the forthcoming next-gen iteration of Tomb Raider "is like watching television", and revealed that another big screen outing for Lara Croft is also in the works.

The Britsoft firm's product acquisitions director was speaking in an exclusive interview with sister site Eurogamer TV, following his recent talk on 10 years of Tomb Raider.

On what to expect from the next-gen version, he commented: "I've seen some of the in-game models and it's just like watching television; if you felt you were in love with Lara Croft previously, you ain't seen nothing yet. You'll be drooling when you see the new Lara as she appears in the next iteration."

During the presentation, hosted by the Game On exhibition at London's Science Museum, Livingstone revealed that the Tomb Raider franchise has netted revenues in excess of USD1 billion, with lifetime sales of over 30 million units.

Lara Croft's two movie outings have also accounted for hefty revenues of US$ 430 million - and Livingstone confirmed that work on a third big screen outing, again starring Angelina Jolie, is also underway.

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I'm confused, by next iteration do they mean Tomb Raider: 10th Anniversary? or a game after that? cause the 10th Anniversary one is essentially Tomb Raider 1 running on the Tomb Raider Legend engine (while it is quite good, it's not "like watching TV" )

I thought the first Tomb Raider was actually pretty fun and overall entertaining. The second one wasn't that great, but hey, Angelina Jolie is hottttttttt. Long live big boobs and Tomb Raider.

"...More boring that Tomb Raider 2".


Anyways i still disagreed with the choice of angelina jolie, there are many models exact that the real tombraider and even with more bust.. also angelina jolie is not a good actress at all.

Sadly, many people [aka guys] didn't go to see the movie for her "acting ability"... They didn't nickname the movie Boob Raider for nothing ya know.

Oh god no, we don't need this at all. Tomb Raider should be left to rest, it went downhill since the 3rd game and it hasn't made up for it since.

Quote - stifler6478 said @ #7
I loved the movies. This is excellent news.


Same here. Not quite sure why so many people trashed the movies.

the last one was not bad at all. some puzzles actually took more then 10 minutes to figure out and complete.

regardless, any angalina jolie movie is worth at LEAST a rental.

i wonder if any of these long "trilogy " games (or more like 6-ology .... the caracter is getting old ... they should think about that and implement it ... old lara or .. lets see ... some other old characters