New tool designed to block song swaps

Network security company Palisade Systems this week will launch software designed to identify and block copyrighted songs as they are being traded online.

Created by software firm Audible Magic, the song-filtering software is backed strongly by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). The software has also triggered interest in Washington, D.C., and skepticism in the peer-to-peer world and among some students and universities.

Palisade's new tool is the fruit of a cross-licensing deal struck earlier this year, which also gives Audible Magic the rights to use Palisade's network-monitoring technology to offer a similar product. Palisade executives say their university customers in particular are interested in the song-blocking capabilities. "It's the kind of thing we hear from universities or customers that act more as an ISP," said Doug Jacobson, Palisade's founder and chief technology officer. "They want to take the position of not filtering out all peer-to-peer (traffic)--stopping copyrighted works but not the other content."

News source: C|Net

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