New Vista Home Page Launches

Microsoft has launched the new vista home page. The new look is more clean, more professional. They also updated the Windows home page. Anyway, check it out for yourself.

Link: Windows Vista Home Page | Windows Home Page

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Oh it looks fantastic, I cannot wait until tomorrow when Vista is officially released, I'm excited about the Windows Vista Extras as well... Oh, I'm excited Tommy. :redface:

You call that professional? Not in my books. Sorry. This is aimed at home users and not businesses. Most businesses don't have time to be bothered by flash or wmp plugins. They just want the page to just the hell load.

Microsoft is dimming itself's pride of consistency and professionalism and moving forward caring about appeal more than stability and accessibity. I know broadband...I have it but that doesn't mean 100% have access to broadband and only a dialup connection and will it load these pages to appeal these to upgrade to Vista? How about thoseon old computers withing 95/98? Will these pages load on there in time to satisfy these potential customers?

Try CTRL and + on the homepage in IE. It looks horrible. Shows they don't care about disabled people.

Most businesses don't want fancy pages, they want instant access to information which I doubt the new design provides with ease.

Business & 56k? I haven't seen too many businesses with a 56k connection in my lifetime. And if they do, reading about Windows upgrades are the least of their issues.

This is the face of the internet in 2007, time to wake up and stop living in the past!

Looks like his books need a serious update... I'm a Web Designer, and their site looks pretty professional, complex (in design view) and very quick at loading times to me. Lay off the 56k mate, DSL is cheap now in days.

billyea said,
I'm assuming you think it's good.

"My eyes... my eyes!" is a quote from Friends (the TV show), and no, it's not good.

ANova said,
No, it's not. It doesn't work in Opera either. :rolleyes:

Only thing that doesn't work at all is the Flash animation. For some reason Opera blocks some javascript that allows the site to check the version of Flash.

Yes, it's been updated. It looks exactly like the Vista site, only the content is different.

The new Vista site looks nice, but the old one was better IMO.