New VLC Windows 8 screenshots show revamped UI

It's been well over a year since the volunteer team at VideoLAN completed its Kickstarter campaign to help fund a Windows 8 version of its popular VLC media player. Since then, the team has taken longer than expected to develop the app. In early December, VideoLAN President Jean-Baptiste Kempf sent Neowin a note stating that while they had submitted the app to Microsoft for publishing in the Windows Store, it had been rejected due to an audio related crash bug.

Today Kempf sent Neowin some new screenshots of the VLC Windows 8 app, showing off a revamped user interface. It definitely has more of a Modern UI style. The new shots show how the app looks while showing audio and video clips in its menu.  Kempf told us that the UI continues to evolve so the app may still look a little different when it is released to the public.

And when will that happen? Kempf said that they are still "fixing the core audio issue we had" but the VideoLAN team hopes to resubmit VLC to the Windows Store sometime next week. Hopefully they can get that last bug out of the way so that it can finally be published.

Images via VideoLAN

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I like the interface. personally,,,I like the modern windows 8 UI. If only more third parties actually take the time to design apps for win...I think it will be among the prettiest tablet app interfaces.

I also like the flat nature of the Modern UI - but even Microsoft didn't even bother to make its native desktop apps and dialog windows "flat"... Some companies do it great (I like the avast! flat interface). I don't get why they ditch the 3D effects so strongly in 8, but just left it in bits and pieces everywhere.

Thats always the issue with microsoft. Their OS/programs always have remnants leftover from previous generations which makes it look "unfinished".

Ha well when it does make it to Windows Store, It should be bug free... Its taken an age to develop

People complain Microsoft are slow, Windows 8.0 came and went, Windows 8.1 and 8.1 Update 1 might hit the scene before VLC App sees the Store at the rate they're going

It's a pity that VLC's designers have chosen to ignore the guidance on the top and left margins. Everything feels to close to the edges and makes the screen look uncomfortably cramped, making the whole thing not only inconsistent, but also amateurish.

Plex loos much cleaner than this... this UI looks very cluttered and trying to be modern... but all they have to do is fix the fonts and alignment of some elements and it should be good.

Looks kinda nice and agree with the Zune comment above it does seam a little cramped. Looks more like a media centre than just a player. I am sure all the bits will get sorted i dislike though But what i dislike others may like so who knows heh.

Wish you'd link to the source so I could read what VideoLAN actually say about this...

Just looking at the screenshots though, that is some terrible design work by whoever they have on the team putting it together. It looks about as touch-unfriendly as any desktop app and completely fails to understand modern and mobile design principles that Windows, Android, and iOS (and large swaths of the web) are all using to great effect.

And after all that, they've only shown screenshots from what could be either a Full HD or higher resolution screen rather than at the 1366x768-eque smaller tablet screens a lot of people would actually be using it on. What does this look like on Surface, for example? Or one of the new mini-tablets?

I really regret financially supporting this project. It seemed so exciting and genuinely useful a year ago.

prettyconfusd said,
I really regret financially supporting this project. It seemed so exciting and genuinely useful a year ago.
Excellent points regarding the design and resolution. I consider my money lost anyway because even if they do release something for Windows 8 I'm not the least bit interested.

If anything they are just proving to be a bunch of incompetent developers. No understanding of modern app design. Dependencies on old, cross platform, sheet. etc. etc.

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