New Wii controller announced

Nintendo Japan has announced a new controller for the Nintendo Wii but they haven't yet made the announcement that will be avaliable for the rest of the world. The new controller is based on the old "Classic Controller" but is called "Classic Controller Pro" it features extra shoulder buttons and the space between the thumb sticks and the hand grips is a bit larger, to quote Eurogamer "Specifically, the Pro gains 32.5mm vertically, 10.3mm horizontally and 29mm in depth.".

As mentioned before the controller hasn't been announced for a worldwide release but expect it to hit the stores in Japan in the Summer.

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I think for games that require a stick that the GC and the Xbox 360 controllers are the two best ever. I hate the PS controller. The thumb is in the wrong place and I always find myself stretching or losing grip.

For games that require the D-pad then the setup is good. I say come out with a controller that looks exactly like the SNES controller... no sticks. That'll be good for the old games.

Sam Symons Live said,
Regarding those two Wii controllers, DO NOT WANT.

You do not want a controller that was intended for the Virtual Console mainly?

neufuse said,
You do not want a controller that was intended for the Virtual Console mainly?

I just don't like the look of it, is all.

Sorry but that's the worst excuse I've heard about a console controller. Not like you're looking at it while you're playing or anything...... it should be about functionality over anything else but that's just me.

I didn't see the point either but then I realized I didn't have any GC controllers that and using the wiimote sideways hurts my hand after a while of playing Mega Man 9 :)

Owenw said,
'Classic Controller Pro'...sounds like something Microsoft would release lol

No that would be Microsoft Classic Xbox 360 Controller Pro Wireless

richardsim7 said,
I still think Gamecube controllers are the comfiest things ever! :)


If I had a Wii, I'd definitely be using my GC controller.

They are comfortable yes, but the button arrangement is a bit awkward. Hell, the Z button alone looks like they sat there going,"Uh oh! We forgot about the Z button! Where do we put it?!"

I also wouldn't recommend any of the older audience in using those other brand of controllers that are smaller than the regular ones. Don't know how many times I've hit the start button trying to use one of those when playing Super Smash Bros. and such.

You should be able to map the buttons as you like, whichever classic controller you were using. In some games the buttons work like garbage!

The Wii needs better games, all the mini games get old after awhile.
Don't get me wrong the Wii has a few good games but I find myself back playing gears on my 360 after awhile.

The pro looks like a dual shock and gamecube controller got it on.

i like he ne controler but i think is ecoming a rip off=/

i was gonna bu the clasic controler to download the super intendo games cause i love them :), and now i see this and looks way cooler and im lad i didnt buy the claic one im sorry for thoe whodid an now have to buy this one if they like it too...

is almost like hat one thing that u pu at your wii control so that it wors "better" why didnt they just updated the wii remote adade every wii coe with the new "better" wii mote instead of seling a diferent pice and the peope wh had the old wii mote could update for a low pize...

but idont care if they try to take our money i like wii alot and i want to get all the classic games so bad since those are the golden games

Only because I'm bored :P but I think it would be beneficial to speak in English next time Jeanpr7

"I like the new controller but I think it is becoming a rip off =

I was going to buy the classic controller to download the super Nintendo game because I love them :), And now I see this and it looks way cooler, now I'm glad I didn't buy the classic one, I feel sorry for those who did and now have to buy this one if they aswell...

It's almost like that thing that you put at you Wii control so that it works "better" why didn't they just update the Wii-mote and every Wii with the new "better" Wii-mote instead of selling it at a different price and the people who had the old Wii-mote could update theirs for a small amount...

But I don't care if they try to take our money, I like Wii a lot and I want to get all the classic games so bad since those are the golden games

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