New Windows 8 IE10 TV ads include pinning Facebook to Start screen

We have previously seen Microsoft promote Internet Explorer 10 via TV ads showcasing an ex-American Idol contestant. They even made a cleaver video on IE in general that made us look back to the 1990s. This week, two more 30 second TV ads for IE10 were uploaded to YouTube, each with a specific theme.

The first ad shows how IE10 can be used to keep up with your latest pro sports team, such as your favorite soccer club. It concluded with the user pinning his ESPN website on IE10 to the Windows 8 Start screen.

The second ad has a gaming theme, at least at first, as the video show a user going to Major Nelson's site and then playing the touch-enabled Contre Jour game. Then things get really interesting as the video shows IE10 loading up Facebook, which concludes by pinning the Facebook page to the Windows 8 Start screen.

As we have reported many times before, there is still not an official Facebook app for Windows 8, although there is no shortage of third party Facebook Modern apps for the OS to download. This is one of the few times that Microsoft has even referenced Facebook for a Windows 8 or IE commercial. Perhaps it's a way to show Windows 8 users that, in theory, they don't have to wait for Facebook to come up with an app on their own.

Source: IE on YouTube

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ians18 said,
Did anyone else notice the + sign next to the wrench on the first video at 0:19?

Nope. But now that you mention it, yes. That's not in the leaked copy of build 9364 either.

It isn't new. It appears when there is an app available for the site you're currently visiting. So seeing as they were on Facebook, perhaps there is an app we don't yet have access to...

So ESPN FC for Windows 8 is coming? Good.
Although like others have mentioned , the site usually has the same functionality as the app.

Good call. The wrench has an option "Get app for this site".

Curiouser and curiouser. Then it's a hint that an app is coming.

ians18 said,
So ESPN FC for Windows 8 is coming? Good.
Although like others have mentioned , the site usually has the same functionality as the app.

Windows 8 already has ESPN FC.

The developer has to add specific line of code or something to their site for it to work. I tried it on some sites I know worked before, but it doesn't seem to be doing it right now, so yeah, weird.

Nice ads.

A feature would love to see in IE11 is that, when you pin a site to the startscreen and open it, instead of getting the standard Internet Explorer logo and it's blue blackground when the app opens, you get the logo and the color of that websites tile on it. That would make it again more personal.

Just recently, on my Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone, because the Facebook app is old and lacking functionality, I performed a crazy trick where.... I posted the Facebook logo to my account, browsed to my Facebook news feed in IE, scrolled to the perfect spot to where that image was placed right where I wanted it, and pinned it to the Start screen. Once I verified the pinned tile had the Facebook logo the exact way I wanted it, and I verified that clicking it took me to my news feed, I then deleted the image from my account. So, now, when I click that icon, it takes me to Facebook in IE (so it has the updated functionality), and now I just don't really use the Facebook app.

I know there are "limitations" with this - it only works online, it doesn't have live tile updates, it can't be registered in a "share to this app" list, no toasts, etc. But, for me and my wife, the added functionality in IE and the simplified experience of using it through IE (it's sized perfectly, rotates well, zooms/pans well), outweighs using the cumbersome app.

Good luck if you try to do this! It can be done!

Or maybe that, in theory, we don't need broken apps that attempt to do half of what we could already do on the website.

Don't get me wrong, I like apps and all, but ideally, they are supposed to make things easier and more accessible. Broken and/or lacking basic functionality is not my idea of fun.

If I was MS, I'd stay away from the facebook issue unless and app is coming. The Android Facebook app runs circles around any web browser and all Windows 8 and WP8 facebook apps. Same goes for the virtually identical iOS app. It is what it is. Clearly there's a SERIOUS political issue over this between facebook and MS. I would guess it has to do with money.

icwhatudidthere said,
There's also the fact that Facebook has said apps are for mobile. Win8 confuses that issue because it targets both mobile and desktop.

Yeah, what's next, a Facebook app for Linux and OS X?

@rfirth good point.

But if you make it for WP8, might as well make it for Surface RT (iOS iPad facebook app also destroys using a browser). If you make it for RT, might as well make it for Windows 8. By Windows 9 it is supposed to be as easy as pie to develop once and port.

But none of that matters, I don't think the reason facebook won't make an app for any Windows platform is technical. It's political or financial, I'd wager on that.