New Xbox 360 dashboard on the horizon? [Update]

new xbox 360 dashboard

Aside from a few updates, the Xbox 360 dashboard hasn't really changed much for a couple of years now. That is all likely to change if the leaked screen shots and rumors are true. A French site, Logic-Sunrise, posted screen shots of what appears to be a dashboard redesign for the 360. The new dashboard screenshots still refer to Kinect as Natal so they may be a slightly out of date. Even if they were a little out of date, shortly after they posted the images Microsoft sent them a ceased and desist letter ordering the site to take the images offline. Logic-Sunrise complied but we were able to save the images before they were taken down.

The new dashboard has a section in the user interface (UI) for Natal setup and a Natal Tuner application which will be important for the upcoming release of the Kinect. In the Natal setup screen shot Microsoft suggested that you contact @xboxsupport on Twitter if you have questions. Unfortunately unless your question is really simple and can be answered in 140 characters or less you probably won't get much of an answer from @xboxsupport and they will have you call their tech support line.

The dashboard update makes sense for Microsoft, they recently released their redesigned Xbox 360 and they want the console to last another 5 years so they need to keep it fresh to maintain their current audience while attracting new gamers. Kinect is scheduled to be released on November 4th of this year so the dashboard will most likely be released around the same time.

Update: Kotaku contacted Microsoft about the leaked images and they confirmed they are real and that the redesign will be coming in November. "Yes, the next Xbox LIVE update will include Family Center," a Microsoft spokesperson told Kotaku. "As we discussed at E3 it will also include a refreshed Xbox LIVE dashboard, the new Kinect Hub and ESPN. This update will be available over LIVE just prior to Kinect for Xbox 360 being available in store in November. We have no additional details to share at this time."

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FlintyV said,
Looks like it fits withing Microsoft's Metro UI. Looking forward to it.

Yeah, and Microsoft said that they wanted to extend Metro to much of their consumer electronics... So it makes sense.

Its more of a cross between the Zune original/current interface and Apples Coverflow with shadows instead of reflection shadows. And using clean interface graphics.

I like it. From the looks of it, it does not appear to opporate anything near the Playstation/PSP interface, which I cannot stand. But it is the difference of selecting vertical then horizontal versus horizontal then vertical. But I don't like the PS3 look in general. They use it with everything and it just feels slow... You cannot speed scroll through it and the graphics are just old. They use them with almost everything. BTW I am a PS3 owner and like my system alot, but I can find hangups in both system interface design. I think companies should inverst more in UI experience designers because it is very important in the long run about how user feel about the system.

Whats with everyone saying it's a huge change and so on... it's more or less the same as NXE, they removed the panels moving in and out of the screen, that's basically it

Metro theme is the new thing for MS devices and software. But I definitely like the new layout, simple,clean but useful. Hope we see more GUI improvements on it.

SCRISP said,
*waits for the announcement for "America only" just like everything else Microsoft announce.*

Finished products are not America only, but works in progress are. It only makes sense to finish something before localizing and releasing it everywhere. I don't think you realize how involved that really is...

SCRISP said,
*waits for the announcement for "America only" just like everything else Microsoft announce.*

Oh GET OVER IT. Jesus Christ. You whiny people.

I really like the contrast. Maybe it's because of the theme I've used since the previous dashboard, but I find it difficult to read the faded out vertical scrolling menu entries.

I would like a new dashboard, I think I'd prefer them just speed up the response of the current dashboard more (real laggy when trying to accept a party/game invite, or trying to reply to a message), but new shiny is nice too!

I like this WAY more than the dash now, less drop shadows and 3d effects = fast loading times. That is if they keep it like in the screenshots.

I dont mind NXE myself, once you know it its, fast enough to navigate. What I do want out of the new dashboard rather than a look-change, is x264 support. This is 2010 people, decent HD video support is essential.

somethingelse said,
Aero would have been cool

why excatly would you need Aero from windows 7 on the 360 dash?
this new dash is much better and cleaner.

Also the PS3 XMB is clean but too plain for my taste Xbox looks more hmmm how to say it, feature friendly? I'm a PS3 user but I'm getting sick of Sony no listening about the features we want.

Finally! Maybe now they can make a button to change your background. So you don't need to go through all those menus.

about the only thing i wish that they would add is something useful like...

.mkv x264 support as that would be by far the best thing they can add to the dashboard since the copying games to hard drive feature they added a while ago now.

i actually kinda like the current NXE. This one i am not so sure. looks kinda plain. but then it is beta and will most likely change.

Makes sense and I can see it being real, it matches the re-designed box art I've seen floating around (on both the games and the X360S box). Looks nice

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