New Yahoo boss buys sport website

Jerry Yang has made his first move as chief executive of Yahoo, buying the college sports website for an undisclosed sum. The site reports on American football, basketball and other sports in more than 100 colleges and universities as well as focusing on high school sporting prospects. College sports are highly popular in the US and information about them has significant commercial value. Users of the Rivals website, which has about 185,000 subscribers, pay about $10 (£5) a month to access information on results, drafts and scholarships. Yahoo's sports section attracted more than 15 million visitors last year.

News source: BBC News

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I always use yahoo sports, so now this will be part of to make it much easier. I just hope somehow the services for free. I dont know anyone who uses this to look at college players though, most people use it to look at highschool players.

185,000x $10/month is $22 million/year. I don't see them throwing that away and replacing it with a few mil a year in advertising revenue. Free doesn't seem like an option.