New Zealand gets Windows Vista ahead of the world

Retail stores in New Zealand initiated the worldwide launch of Microsoft Windows Vista. Due to New Zealand's time zone position, local users have access to the operating system a couple of hours before Australians, thirteen hours before Britons, and almost a full day ahead of American users. The Midnight Launch was held at Dick Smith Electronics Powerhouse, 5 Ronwood Avenue, Manukau City, Auckland. A Microsoft New Zealand team was present at the store to answer questions.

The first purchase in the world of a Microsoft Windows Vista loaded PC took place at one minute past midnight on January 30, 2007. Starting the same minute, Microsoft New Zealand ran a series of online charity auctions on local auction website TradeMe. New Zealanders were able to bid on 15 copies of Windows Vista Ultimate digitally signed by Bill Gates and 15 copies of Microsoft Office Professional 2007, to raise funds for child cancer research charity Cure Kids.

News source: Geekzone

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Well, while in Canada you have time to read this and then sign this.

Pile this evil legalese along with the rest of the crap as strong reasons why to not invest in Vista until MS realizes how anti-consumer/anti-business they have been acting the past few years. Shame on you... please come to your senses before it's too late.

Besides that analysis of content protection in Vista that has been debated to death (and supposedly the only thing Linux fanatics pull out when criticizing Vista, most of the time), the article mentions that customers will be in danger of Windows Defender deleting whatever it wants to, per its definition of unwanted software.

Last time I checked, Defender can be shut off, and you can stop it from updating itself should MS get cocky and put some competitor's software in its hit list.

Yeah, go and enjoy these last 11 hours while you can.

rm20010 said,
Yeah, go and enjoy these last 11 hours while you can.

It's not going to be enjoyable, it's going to be miserable. I remember when MS was a consumer friendly company, a fun/energetic place to work, and a company that treated others in the marketplace with at least a little decency. Before you start spouting off something accusing me of being an anti-MS fanatic, let me tell you that I have absolutely every right to complain, bitch, and be the "Squeaky-Wheel" when it comes to MS.

I like competition and I am not pro-this company or pro-that company. They are just companies that just make technology tools. That's all. I AM pro-consumerism and believe that we should use the right tool for the job no matter what company name is printed on the box (this is the philosophy I've set for my dev team). I've used MS products for many-many years and even once worked in Redmond back in the day. My current employer is one of the world's largest Microsoft Gold Certified Partners. So what is my gripe? For the past years the company has been flushing consumers, people/orgs in the industry, and even some of the friends I have that still work there (many have jumped ship for Mountain View) down the toilet with all of the absolute trash they have been implementing into their products, licenses agreements, business practices, etc. Just my humble opinion, but as a consumer and individual in the industry, I have every right to it.

too bad here in panama no vista or office 2007 at sight, anyways new computers within next month will come with vista for sure a very crappy home basic for sure.

Well as of the posting of this article (on Neowin), the first copy of Vista was sold in NZ hours ago.

I'm in Australia and I picked up my copy of Vista Ultimate and Office 2007 Pro about 2 hours ago. Got a free web cam and picked up Perfect Dark Zero for half price. Very happy indeed.