New Zealand provider shut down anti-censorship service

After just 48 hours of activity, FYX’s 'global mode' for censorship-free web browsing has gone offline, as the New Zealand provider seems to be concerned with a potential negative reaction from the media industry, even though the service should be fully legal under national law.

FYX launched its so-called 'global mode' to let its users evade geo-location (country) based blocking for accessing web content, a habit widely maintained by content providers worldwide to limit who can watch/see/read what in a particular nation or region of the planet.

The kiwi ISP states that in its opinion the service was and still is legal, yet “there are matters that require further consideration before continuing” to offer the option to its users. FYX “sincerely apologises to our customers and the New Zealand internet community” for this unfortunate course of events, and will contact its users to let them know why global mode isn’t available anymore.

The FYX anti-censorship service was very short-lived, but the provider says it was already pretty popular: to properly apologize to its users, the company is now offering “future and existing customers wishing to continue with FYX” the opportunity to pay a “lesser price of $30.30 per month, with $0.30 per GB for data”.

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HawkMan said,
Isn't this also about the Kiwi/australian "firewalls" though.

I don't know about NZ, but Australia doesn't have one. The Government was looking into it, and has gone quiet since people hated it.

This Government will be gone in a year or so, so I don't expect it to be implemented by the Libs.

No offence, I really hate to be one of those "trolls" who slanders neowin over "late" news but this is rather old.

As far as us kiwis are concerned, it's a pain since we'll have to fall back to other services again (which are still better in some cases since they are portable unlike "global mode" Still the Fyx ISP is still far cheaper than other ISP's and the pay as you go model is good.

I hope they live on!

I understand the media industry but they must also realize that the world is starting to open up via the internet as well of other media devices such as Tablets & Mobiles. Geo-Blocking is annoying to be honest.

Just stop buying and listening music and movies. That's all. Globaly boycott for one year and problem is solved. I do this already for music - didn't buy sence years. Radio and internet radio is absolutely enough. Movies - not yet. Some old like "Back to the future"... but not more

This article from does a good job at explaining why having a 'global mode' on an ISP won't work.

Simon Hackett is the director of Australian ISP 'Internode' and also a very well trusted expert in ICT. He explains why he floated the idea several times and never implemented it.

Here is the forum post that he was responding to on :

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