Newsvine Acquired by MSNBC

Social news site Newsvine, which launched in March 2006, announced yesterday that it has been acquired by, a fifty-fifty joint venture between Microsoft and NBC. Newsvine is notable for several exclusive scoops, including breaking the Virginia Tech Shootings 22 minutes before the AP. This will be's first acquisition and the deal, which closed on October 5, was all cash, although the acquisition price has not been disclosed. Mike Davidson, the founder of Newsvine, said that the companies will continue operating separately but that technology integration will occur over time. In a company blog posting explaining the purchase, Newsvine stated that it hoped to be able to reach a much broader audience, expand its user community, and expand its staff (the company currently has six employees, compared to MSNBC's 200 plus). Newsvine reaches this liquidity event after having raised just $1.5 million in capital.

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MSNBC isn't a 'fifty-fifty' joint venture between the two anymore. MS sold a majority of it's stake in MSNBC two years ago. IIRC they only own something like 20% in it now, with NBC controlling the other 80%.

L3thal said,
Not a bad deal. I personally prefer MSNBC to any other news outlet.

I prefer internet news, because it lets me read (and lately watch video) news from all over the world. I am not at the mercy of some biased editor's decisions, and it lets me avoid all those pointless gossip stories about celebrities and domestic violence. Seriously, what does some guy killing his wife have to do with anything? That is not newsworthy except to those involved.