Next-gen console info hacker threatens to leak more info today [Update]

The man who tried to sell two early Xbox One hardware developer kits on eBay and later had his home raided by law enforcement in Australia is now threatening to expose even more information on Microsoft's next console, among other things. The hacker, known as SuperDaE, says the information will be offered if he is formally arrested sometime today.

Kotaku reports that SuperDaE, who has the real first name of Dylan, claims that he has set up a way to send out an automated message to his Twitter account if he is not in front of his computer in Perth at 8 pm local time (8 am Eastern time). He claims the Twitter message will have a link to a FTP server where anyone will be able to access two TB of read-only files.

Those FTP files reportedly contain software development kits for the Xbox One, the PlayStation 4 and the Wii U consoles. He also claims to have code from Epic's Unreal Engine 4 graphics engine, older code for upcoming games such as Company of Heroes 2 and more.

While the local police and FBI raid on SuperDaE's home happened in February, no charges were filed at that time. SuperDaE believes the raid was conducted thanks to a request from Microsoft, but the company has denied any official involvement. SuperDaE claims he is making a "political statement" with today's threatened file release, adding. "The U.S. works on Capitalism. The government isn't Microsoft's personal servant."

Update: Gizmodo Australia reports that SuperDaE was in fact charged by the local police but not on any computer related issues. SuperDaE posted on his Twitter account that he has made bail and will apparently not be releasing his data of game code and information today. He has yet to state what exactly he has been charged with.

Source: Kotaku

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I'm not Sherlock Holmes, but I am pretty good at putting pieces together. I forgot the movie, but it was the one where they kinda portrait Microsoft where the guy actually raided a home and killed the devs who were making better stuff?

Let's look at the clues. First, this guy tried to sell XBOX ONE devs kits online. Later and unexpected, the police come to his house and raid it and then he gets arrested and charged with an unknown unrelated crime. Microsoft claims no involvement?

Are you serious? Give me one of those devs kits and let me try to sell it on eBay and lets see what happens. I am sure MS was involved and I wish they would send someone to my house. As soon as I post bail I am on the first plane to Seattle and I am going right to Bill Gates house personally, then I am heading to One Microsoft Way. I will bring a new meaning to the word Windows...HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

I guess Apple didnt seen the fake cops to the guys house who found the iPhone device either...right?

Reason to add "Australian" to the comment? It make any difference in what kind of douche he is? Figured being a douche was international and pretty much the same world-wide LOL.

How stupid can one be? If I were the police, I simply would get his Twitter account suspended a minute before the arrest - problem solved!

Tumultus said,
How stupid can one be? If I were the police, I simply would get his Twitter account suspended a minute before the arrest - problem solved!

Yea, seems to be a little hole in his plan there... Twitter could just not publish the tweet, or copy whatever it posts without releasing it so the FTP server is taken out. Meh, attention whore.

Pfft, arrest him, sounds full of crap to me.

If the police want to arrest him, secret files or no secret files. The story makes me wonder how old (or mature) this guy actually is.


fastest way to go to jail, annoy MS and/or Sony by leaking NDA related information and hardware.

a double facepalm isn't enough here.

"I guess everyone will have to wait for another day, I won't be removing the trap however, just to be safe. :-)"

It's just going to be a large text file, with the words "TV", "TELEVISION", "SPORT", and the phrase "CALL OF DOODY" (whatever that means) repeated hundreds of times.

martheen said,
Yea, he didn't exactly give a good reason for us to hope he stay free (at least until the files are released)

Perhaps we can do rally to get him released AFTER the files are released!

This is assuming there are any files at all. He may just be hoping for people to get behind him so that he doesn't have to release the files that don't exist in reality.