Next Release of OneCare Won't Support Vista x64

Peter GalliWhen Microsoft announced that it was ready to roll out Windows Live OneCare version 1.5 to coincide with the general release of Windows Vista, it omitted one important fact: the product will not support Vista x64 or XP x64. I received an email this morning from a reader telling me that the OneCare v1.5 beta would not install on his Vista test machine as it was just for 32-bit systems. "It would be nice, now that 64-bit Vista is set to go, to specify if the software will run properly in 64-bit," he said. "Has this changed in the final release? It would be nice to know as I have OneCare on all three home PCs, and plan on upgrading all of them to 64-bit Vista," he said.

So I asked Microsoft, which confirmed that, indeed, OneCare v1.5 would not run on Vista x64 or Windows XP x64 for that matter, "although it will support 32-bit Windows on x64 hardware," a Microsoft spokesperson told me. The spokesperson was also pretty non-committal about the possibility of x64 support going forward, saying "we continually evolve OneCare to meet customer demand, though we have no further specifics to share at this time around potential support for x64 in the future." My colleague Joe Wilcox spoke to Gina Narkunas, the lead product manager for Windows Live OneCare, this evening from London. She told him that "it wasn't a business priority to support 64-bit," because there is "no consumer demand" for a 64-bit right now.

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I have a pretty good guess why OneCare won't support 64-bit: PatchGuard.

Well, at least they're eating their own medicine and not trying to circumvent their own kernel with backdoor hacks.

because there is "no consumer demand" for a 64-bit right now.

What a bunch of BS, the only issue with x64 is drivers and some software, it is clearly the start of an excuse by MS to tone down the use of x64, as for the next version of windows after Vista being x64 only I doubt that very much, just more hype from MS with all the features Vista (Longhorn) was supposed to have and what it ended up being is a glorified version of XP re-written so XP drivers don't work on Vista.

But who cares ? I won't be using Live Care anyhow, I use Avast for anti-virus and it's Free the other features of live care I don't want.

Vista x64 user.

Well this sucks... I got a free year of OneCare and I was going to use it when I got Vista... But I was planning on installing x64.

If they actually want to sell their OneCare crap and compete with serious programs, they'd better do an x64 version for it.
It's highly unprofessional that they don't support their own OS there

I don't get this decision....x64 antivirus support is thin and firewall is even thinner. Push this and they will have a huge upper hand.

That brings up a good point. To me, this is a dumb move. Is it MS being lazy? Or, can't they do it? I really wanted to go x64, but why do it now? Come on MS!!! WORK WITH US!

Same ole BS. They also put out new fingerprint reader software for Vista but guess what, it is only for 32 bit systems. What a joke. I am currently running Vista 64 bit but am wondering why. What benefits am I getting? Seems like running 64bit Vista has many drawbacks. If things don't change soon, I will reformat and go to 32bits.

"although it will support 32-bit Windows on x64 hardware,"

Haha, well duh I think MS is in a pretty big software crowd that can do *that*...

Dont make x64 OS's if your not willing to put out the software for it, you failed with XP x64, now your killing your new x64 OS already. Good one Microsoft.

lol... lol, WTF & lol again.

great start for Vista x64, If Microsoft wont entertain it, do they seriously expect other developers to code for it? You'd think they'd set the ball rolling......

Heh, it reminds me a bit of this: Exchange 2007 facing integration issues with other Microsoft software.

And it's not just about any software, from TFA:

In a nutshell, Exchange 2007 can’t run on Microsoft’s most current virtualization software, Exchange’s management tools won’t run on the just released Vista desktop operating system and the 64-bit messaging server is not compatible with Microsoft’s forthcoming 64-bit server operating system called Longhorn.

What can one call that anyway? A software incompatibility hat trick?

This is crap. They want to push x64 with Vista but still won't update OneCare for x64? That alone isn't so bad, but to not give any information as to whether or not they're even working on it? We've been getting that non-answer for over a year. It's about time the OneCare team got off their asses and started working on it.

Who is pushing 64-bit? Everything I have read encourages users with less than 3GB of memory to run the 32-bit version. Clearly 64-bit is the way of the future, but I really don't understand early adaptors who install it just for the sake of running a 64-bit OS, even if they don't have enough memory to justify it.

It's been stated in several articles that Vista will be released in both 32-bit and 64-bit in one package as a way to encourage people to run x64. It's also been rumored that the next version of Windows will be 64-bit only, and there is at least one version of Server 2007 that will be x64-only. Whether or not it's necessary is an entirely separate debate.

Additionally, x64 is more or less established with Vista. Early adopters were the people who ran XP x64. It's been out for a while now. I'm running x64 Vista and I have had zero driver issues or any other kind of issue. It runs just as well as 32-bit, at least for me.

adversedeviant said,
i was wondering why i couldnt install it yesterday. i run vista x64

*sigh* Just got home, "Unsupported operating system". Pathetic MS, seriously pathetic. I await v2.0.