Next target for spam? Cell phones

Get-rich-quick schemes, explicit pornography (or the ever popular penis enlargement), urgent appeals for help from Nigerian colonels. Coming soon to a cell phone near you?

The bulk "spam" that now accounts for as much as three-quarters of all e-mail traffic could soon insinuate its way into movie theaters, subways, and anywhere else Americans take their cell phones, experts said at a forum on spam on Thursday.

Text-messaging services on newer cell phones could enable spammers to reach a tempting new audience, conference panelists said.

Federal law prohibits most telemarketers from dialing cell phones, but no such regulations prevent spammers from sending messages to addresses like Because many text services carry a per-message charge, costs to consumers could mount quickly.

Wireless spam is already a problem in Japan, where text messaging has been a popular feature of cell-phone service for years, said an official with NTT DoCoMo Inc., the Japanese telecommunications giant.

News source: CNN

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