Nextgen Reader free today for Windows 8 and 8.1

Beginning March 10th, Windows Store is offering Nextgen Reader as a free (normally $2.99 USD) download. While Nextgen Reader has been free for Windows Phone, this marks the first time that it will be free for Windows 8/8.1. 

For those not familiar, Nextgen Reader is a beautifully designed RSS reader that works in tandem with Feedly. Nextgen Reader for Windows 8 will include a three pane interface, light / dark themes, customizable color accents for personalization, touch-screen support (portrait and landscape), and will support multiple live tiles. The application will support ARM, x86, and x64 devices. 

A couple months ago this application was chosen by Brad Sams as a must have, and was listed at number two on his list of top five Windows Store applications. As of 8 a.m. PST this promotion has gone live, and should remain free for 24 hours. But, I wouldn't wait until the last minute to download this excellent RSS reader. For those that miss this promotion will be able to download the unlimited trial version at no cost.

Source : WindowsObserver via Nextgen  | Image: Microsoft 

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