Nexus 5 shows up in Google Play store for $349


Google’s Nexus line of phones have traditionally offered a great value on new hardware and that’s exactly what the Nexus 5 appears to be, according to the Google Play store. In what can only be considered an accidental reveal, the Nexus 5 is showing up on the Google Play Store along side the Nexus 7 and 10.

Not much can be noted from the image but it does look like for $349 you can get a Nexus 5, in black, with 16GB of memory. The memory is noted from the URL slug.

Seeing as the Nexus 5 is already in the store, it would makes sense that Google will be announcing the phone very soon, likely tomorrow.

[Update] Looks like the phone may have been pulled already, thankfully, we got a screenshot of the device.

Source: Google Play

Thanks for the tip Ben!

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ACTIONpack said,
Too bad I can't put a good OS like WP8.1!

But this phone does not have everyone's favourite Bing Search button. I would pay you to see how you operate that OS.

InsaneNutter said,

That would be a waste, no apps exist to take full advantage of the hardware.

You mean no viruses to eat through your cpu cycles.


ACTIONpack said,
Too bad I can't put a good OS like WP8.1!

All mobile OSs, if we like it or not, have their good and bad. Please dont feed the flame.

AsherGZ said,

You mean no viruses to eat through your cpu cycles.

With freedom comes responsibility, just like with Windows i'm careful about what I install...

Looks an awesome phone, however presuming my Galaxy Nexus gets the 4.4 update i see no reason to upgrade from that yet. 4g will not be available up here for at least another year, which would be my main reason to upgrade.

DrScouse said,
Swap the $ for a £ and we'll have the UK price!

The price in dollars is the same as the nexus 4 launch, if i recall correctly the uk price last time was £269.

Did any catch the specs, is it going to have expandable memory? Only reason I did not go for Nexus 4 was that I need 64GB (I have about 20GB of music, so 32GB is cutting it fine considering some games can be 2GB these days)...

I think from the leaked FCC docs it supports Sprint's bands. Whether or not that's true or enabled by default on the Play Store version will remain to be seen (as Google itself has said nothing about this product yet).

If Google is indeed ready to release the Nexus 5, then I would not at all be surprised if they are not waiting until Monday, the 21st, or Tuesday, the 22nd, to steal some of the thunder from the Nokia and Apple news that would be hitting Tuesday. Of course, they could be waiting to see what will come out of Nokia and Apple with the idea of adjusting pricing based on what those guys announce.

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