NHL GameCenter Xbox Live app launches; strike-hit fans still not happy

Fans of pro hockey in North America were understandably upset that the 2012-2013 season started out with a player lockout that caused the first few months of the season to be cancelled. A few days ago, the rich players and their rich owners came to terms and the season officially begins on Saturday.

Microsoft is getting ready by launching its newest video app for Xbox 360 users: NHL GameCenter. Major Nelson has the details on the app, which like the rest of the video streaming apps on the console, requires an Xbox Live Gold subscription.

The app provides fans (the ones that are still there after the strike) with game scores, standings, players stats and video highlights. Users can personalize the app so they can follow their favorite teams; you can even access video from over 800 classic NHL games.

Paying an extra $49.99 fee will allow the app to stream live and out-of-market hockey games for the entire (short) season as well as full length archived games. There's also split screen support for watching two games at the same time. The app also supports the Kinect add-on so that users can access NHL GameCenter via voice or gesture commands.

Source: Major Nelson | Image via Microsoft

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xiphi said,
Where's the portion of the article that talks about strike-hit fans not being happy?

Yeah I don't see it either. Other than it mentioning the "the rich players and their rich owners"... which made me unhappy because I'm not rich.

Take all the money away from sports and actually have people who enjoy playing doing it.
Hopefully then we can get rid of all the money grabbing owners/players/etc

Yea then we have players getting money from people who want them to throw the game so they can get rich betting on the game. Nobody is going to put all that time and effort at practice to not get paid at that level. It would be sad to see a player look up and think that the only people making money are the concession stands workers.