Nintendo DS Smashes First Weekend Sales Records

The Nintendo DS got off to a flying start last weekend in the UK, becoming the fastest-selling console ever with sales topping some 87,000 units in the first two days at retail, according to Chart-Track data released this morning.

Compared to previous console sales over the years, the DS was well ahead of the original GBA's launch statistics, which managed 67,000 back in June 2001, while the remodelled GBA SP debuted with 47,000 in March 2003.

The cheap and cheerful DS even smashed sales of fully-fledged consoles, beating the Cube's record debut week of 69,000 back in May 2002, with the likes of Xbox (52,000) and PS2 (46,000) selling decent numbers despite £299 price points.

Software wise, the DS launched with an impressive 16 titles, 12 of which made this week's Top 40 All Formats - although with PS2 titles such as Gran Turismo 4 and Metal Gear Solid 3 ruling the roost at the top of the listings, the best the DS could muster was a No.4 entry with Super Mario 64 DS, closely followed in the Top 10 by Wario Ware Touched! At No.6 and Rayman DS at No.10.

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I'd just like to make a point that it said the respective consoles sold less, this would seem right but those consoles also sold out on the day and were in very short supply thereafter, so it could be said that selling the most on the first day is dependant on how many of the consoles you ship out, I'm sure both PS2 and Gamecube could have sold even more than that when they came out if they had shipped more.

The Xbox was a later starter if i remember correctly, I'm sure more records will be broken this year and the next if the supply is right

Oooh, Interesting, I think its great Nintendo sold the DS at such a low price, I just wished the PSP would follow suit when it is finally released