Nintendo is now the dark overlord of the console Universe

Alright, let me explain this one first. No, Nintendo won't be doing a remake of Howard the Duck. So don't panic.

But, according to the Financial Times - as of yesterday (or when the article was done at least) Nintendo has officially pulled ahead of Microsoft's Xbox 360 in unit sales to once again sit atop the console world as king.

Now, we can discuss whether or not Nintendo's Wii is actually worthy of being king right now, but that is another story for another day yes? In any event, the Wii has only been out about a year, one year less than Microsoft's Xbox 360 of course - so in the final tally what does this really mean? Not much really, unless you are a pure Nintendo fanboy and are at this point jumping up and down in glee. Which is fine of course! Needless to say, the Wii offers a certain type of gamer what they want and the Xbox 360 (and of course the Playstation 3) offers other gamers what they want. It is all about choice, right?

Feel free to discuss the merits of the Wii being the #1 console and Nintendo once again ruling the roost guys.

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Anyone expecting a huge spike in Xbox 360 sales due this month. Due to people buying an Xbox 360 finally because Halo 3 came out and/or buying a Halo 3 Limited Edition console.

This console is great for two reasons. Number 1: if you are cheap SOB and want a gaming console you are going to buy this system. Number 2: if you are a PS3 fanboy or Xbox 360 fanboy you will buy one of the two mentioned but since Nintendo came out with a great concept then you may also wish to buy the Nintendo.

I have a few friends who have either the Xbox 360 or the PS3. The one thing they haave in common is that they also have the Wii.

I have used this system and I really don't see the hype over it. The graphics are no better than original Xbox and most of the games look like animated puppets. I would like to see how Metroid Prime is.

Yes, I've been seeing a lot of Wiis popping up in mainstream households, but I haven't not seen any Xbox 360s or PS3s. There are still console gamers buying Xboxes obviously, but those are gamers who are too stupid to play games on PCs.

The Xbox 360 has nothing to differentiate itself from a PC, except ease of use, low cost, and dumbed-down games that are helping to ruin the entire gaming industry.

The Wii is unique, the Xbox 360 and PS3 are PC clones for dummies.

Yeah, I don't know what to say to that either.

The Wii is unique? How exactly is it unique, OTHER than the controller? That's it. That's all the Wii has going for it is the "Wiimote" and the gimicky motion controlled stuff - which isn't even in most games (or I should say, implemented well in most games) or feels tacked on in most games for the Wii.

The Xbox 360 and to a lesser extent (for now) the PS3 certainly have unique and very creative games for the systems, much much more than the Wii. Eternal Sonata or Warhawk for example. Both incredibly good games, offering pretty unique gameplay (one is offline RPG goodness, the other online MP battles that rock)

And I think you are forgetting how important (and mostly) unique Live for the 360 is.

Then I'll tell you three of my friends have just told each other the hard truth last week...

They feel like they wasted money on the Wii as they don't play it anymore. Last time I checked there were a few thousand Wii's compared to about two or three hundred 360's on Ebay. More people are buying it, more people are selling it.

One test will be to see how the sales numbers of MP3 for the Wii compared to 360. The main problem with the Wii is that people buy it ONLY for Wii sports that's it. Everytime at my store the Wii comes out on the Sunday and people buy them I never see people buying extra games for it or for that matter 3rd party games. You all talk like 3rd parties should now make games for the Wii but why should they if their games don't sell jack on the Wii. even if the ps3/360 have a lower installed base now, if you make more money selling more copies on those systems that's the system you'll release for.

that said, I just got my first ever ds lite sunday and i'm happy as hell..and as soon as they come out with a black wii i'll be getting one lol.

Two word :MONEY TALKS!... and currently people are buying more wii that xbox360 (and ps3).

Usually wii users are people that it's too young to play halo/metal gear/bioshock games or too old to play halo/metal gear/bioshock games (almost 80% of the market, including almost all females with some exceptions).

And don't be fooled, megaproductions like halo, metal gear, final fantasy and such can sell well but some low-profiles games like big-brain academy, pokemon, pilkmin can sell pretty well and even better.

yeah it does, but beyond the HW sales, show the the salesnumbers of games for the Wii... I think you'll find that most units sold doesn't necessairly mean it's selling as many games. not like there is a whole lot of games out there. but with the gaming industry having moved on to next gen, making lower end games and port actually become a hassle, especially with the uncertainty of wether the Wii gamers are even intested in the more hard core games.

Also unlike the PS3 people are buying the Wii for 1 or 2 games only since it doesn't cost all that much.

My Wii has been collecting dust after I finished Zelda couple of days after launchday...still waiting for Metroid Prime 3 to be released in Europe (almost a full years worth of dust collecting...)

I've bought more PS3-games in 2 months than Wii-games in a whole year!

So they made a slimmed version of Gamecube, and sold you to the Wii. Only real new piece is the controller, but once again, I see NO FREAKING GAMES!! Hell, to make matters WORSE, they're reselling all their OLD games! Sure, I loved the old games, but a console shouldn't be made to do what the DS itself can already do!!

I don't want Pikmin, I don't want more Mario, and I don't want more Metroid!! God forbid a Mario Party XXXVII..

I want more 3rd party. However, what bothers me is the graphical limitation to this. Not that I care about graphics, but how can you expect to play games like Oblivion or Unreal Tournament 3 if the machine can't handle it? Or without crippling the entire look of the game for that matter.. :/

My friend's Wii sits to collect dust after he beat Zelda. We're now waiting for SSBB, but I don't think I'd want to pay for the extra controllers for 1 game. ><

Dakkaroth said,
Not that I care about graphics, but how can you expect to play games like Oblivion or Unreal Tournament 3 if the machine can't handle it? Or without crippling the entire look of the game for that matter.. :/

You are meant to play those games on a PC

Yup, I know people who literally haven't touched their Wii for like 3 or 4 months now.

In fact, there is an interesting story, if I can find the link to post it as news again, where one of the big wigs at Nintendo Japan stated outright that the Wii so far is a disappointment for a couple of reasons (games being one)

Glassed Silver said,

i touch my friend's one whenever i can...

Glassed Silver:mac

Now I'll be thinking about people running around playing with each others Wii's all day.

Hopefully game companies will now realise that fun entertaining games are more important than eye candy and uber hardware.

Sadly I think most "gamers" would disagree with you there. Which I alluded to in my post - that the Wii caters to a certain crowd aka it is the "mini-game" machine now.

Sure it has Metroid Prime 3 and Mario Galaxy coming up etc, but like every other game seems to be a mini-game collection repeat, rinse, wash, etc. Not to mention the horrible online support Nintendo has given Wii games, and the fact that the only (well maybe not the only only) decent Wii games are first party Nintendo titles.

Regardless, with Halo 3 coming up in 12 days - I don't think Microsoft will be complaining much. And I'm sure Sony is quite happy with the way Warhawk is doing in sales along with the newly released Heavenly Sword.

LOC said,
Sadly I think most "gamers" would disagree with you there.

Casual gamers who just want to play the next game in EA's sports catalogue, and Rockstars next sandbox game, probably.

Gamers who've 'gamed' since the dawn of pong. Doubtful.

Though tis true that most of the best games on Nintendo platforms, are made by Nintendo.

PC gamer mostly here, but when I'm on any of my consoles, I usually find it's Ikaruga, Viewtiful Joe, Kororinpa and Twilight Princess. And no, I'm not a Nintendo fanboy, I'm a 68k and x86(_64) fanboy.