Nintendo sets new industry records

In 2008, Nintendo became the first company to sell over 10 million console units in a single year in the United States. According to independent sales data from the NPD Group, Nintendo sold 10.17 million Wii consoles in 2008, representing 55% of all next-generation console sales for that year.

In addition, Nintendo's portable DS handheld gaming unit sold 9.95 million units in 2008, representing 72% of all handheld gaming units sold for that year.

News source: Nintendo of America

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Instead of attacking the wii for what it doesn't have..... if the other two compaines want to be #1, look at nintendo and the wii and find why there the #1 console seller, and why the have the largest pull among customer groups.

I love all these attacks, but non of them hold weight if you look at the sales figures.

Note: I own all 3 system, and my personal preference is the PS3, but I enjoy all them for different aspects.

I have a good time with my Wii. (insert retarded joke here) when friends are over it's the console of choice, I love the VC And it puts out decent enough visuals if a developer wants it to. I appreciate nice graphics as much as the next guy, but it definitely isn't everything. Iv'e played plenty of games with nice graphics on my 360 that are a complete bore.

That being said there is a crapload of shovelware, and ps2 ports to sift through to find good games on it, more so than other consoles.

But as always people like to take sides in some stupid nonexistent "console war"

And yeah it's time to stop using "next gen" when describing current consoles. Next gen isn't out yet people.

I believe Nintendo actually set and broke the records at the same time, with the DS reaching 9.95mil (I doubt someone has sold between 9.96-10.17mil :P) and then the Wii setting the 10.17mil benchmark :P

That is very impressive. Despite an economic recession, Nintendo somehow manages to not only do well, but break records.

I dont get the next gen stuff... its out now, its the current generation of systems... next gen would be whats in development...

You know, why the hell do we even call these consoles "next-gen"? I;m not even talking about the Wii, but the PS3 and the Xbox 360. They have been out for nearly four years so why the hell aren't we calling them "current generation". Not to mention all of their graphical capabilities are far inferior to that of the PC. Maybe we should be calling these consoles "last-gen". They seem pretty outdated to me.

You can say that the Wii isn't a next-gen console all you want. I hope it makes you feel better. I'm a die hard Xbox 360 fan, but I will admit that the Wii is much more successful and definitely a next-gen console.

For all the tards complaining about graphics... Nintendo's intentions were to get developers to pay more attention to how a game was played than how it looked. In other words... how to bend their game to the controller. The Wii is perfectly capable of running 1080 content, w/ 720 preferred. Again, not the best HD, but the point was to stop everybody from getting wrapped up in solely eye candy.

And they've been damn successful at doing so...

Not really, some of the most beautiful looking games have been total crap. Graphics are nice but they are far from being that important. It's not as if the Wii games look like their running on a Magnavox Odyssey; they look perfectly fine. I still think some of the original NES games are far more enjoyable than some of the stuff they are churning out today.

...representing 55% of all next-generation console sales for that year.

Wii is not next-gen. It's a tweaked Gamecube with a new controller.

TCLN Ryster said,
Wii is not next-gen. It's a tweaked Gamecube with a new controller.


and how many of them are collecting dusts? 2009 is gonna be PS3 vs 360 year.

Have to agree. Next-gen is compared to graphics, and only Xbox360 and PS3 can produce HD content. The Wii graphics are comparable or even less than Gamecube...

GreyWolfSC said,
I guess the majority didn't want next-gen then?

Correct. I'm a PC gamer by default. If I want hardcore action and next-gen "games", I'll use my PC, but I still play Mario Kart Wii with my friends on a near-daily basis.

The Wii is designed to be fun, and provided you play the right games, I've found it to be much more fun than watching someone play single-player GTA4, or CoD online on their XBox.

I've been a PC gamer for 10 years, and I got a 360 a month or so ago. Playing the more popular titles on it, it's great fun. Even some titles which I didn't like on the PC (like Assassin's Creed) are much better with a gamepad.

Of course, you can hook a 360 controller up to a PC with little hassle, but it's nice to have a 360, makes it feel more right :P

It's not next-gen, you're right. But then again, neither is the PS3 or 360. Why? Because it's been over three years since the next generation started. Hardly the "next" generation, is it?

Also, LOL at shakey_snake. I don't think I could have put it better.

perochan said,

and how many of them are collecting dusts? 2009 is gonna be PS3 vs 360 year.

How many people bought 3 or 4 XBox 360 ???

One of my friend is at his 4th Xbox 360.

The Wii sells. End of story.

I love the people who come up with lame exuses like "It's not a next gen console" or "It's not competing with the PS3/360". Get over it and quit crying. The Wii is a game console, end of story. It is outselling the other two game consoles. That's all, nothing else to say. It doesn't matter how powerful it is or what "generation" you think it is, as if the average consumer cares.

shakey_snake said,

Aw... is your console of choice not doing as well, little guy?

Good pic of the typical PS3 user whining about poor sales