Nintendo shares soar to record high

Shares of Nintendo hit a record high yesterday on the Tokyo stock exchange--briefly reaching 64,800 yen ($555) before closing up 2.7 percent at 64,300 yen ($551). The surge followed a report from Goldman Sachs which compared the Mario Factory to iPod creator Apple, reports Reuters. Goldman stated that, "We believe Nintendo's talent in creating new markets, evident from the launch of the DS and Wii, could bring it close to the level of Apple, whose high valuations are due in large part to its innovative business model."

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News source: Gamespot UK

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comparing apple to nintendo is like comparing the farting preacher (and they really do have a farting preacher for a ceo) to the pope.

someone is over-valuing a no value company.

eilegz said,
good for them they deserve it, innovation its needed and lets hope that others imitate them in a future
Imitating Nintendo wouldn't be innovative right?


Pippin666 said,
Imitating Nintendo wouldn't be innovative right?


Imitate their success. As in, do just as well, doing different things. I assume that's what he meant, if not, you're right.