Nintendo ships 50 million Wii's

During Nintendo's Keynote today at GDC, President and CEO of the company Satoru Iwata revealed Nintendo's total shipped numbers for the DS and more importantly the Wii.

As of the end of December last year the Wii had sold in the region of 45 million consoles world wide, in an earlier announcement of units sold this time last year Nintendo said they would sell 25 million adding to the 24.5 million sold at the time, they have now reached their goal of shipping 50 million.

From NPD numbers released each month the Wii has managed to sell 1,432,000 in North America alone along with sales in Japan reaching around 350 thousand this year, with Europe and other regions making up the last of the 5 million.
With such huge sales the Nintendo Wii in the short time it has been out it compared to other consoles has managed to become the best selling games hardware to date.

Nintendo's DS portable console has also recently shipped over 100 million world wide, with the combined sales between the DS and Wii platforms, the recent release of the DSi along with its near release date for the US and EU and no sales of slowing down due to the tumbling economy Nintendo is once again leading the pack in the console race.

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Yeah I'm glad they are doing well because only Nintendo can make the games they do. If Nintendo died you can bet Zelda one of my favorite series would die with it. But on the other hand I have no problem waiting 5 years when wii's are practically free at garage sales to go through and play all the new Mario's and Zelda's. I hope they know they probably won't be able to pull this stunt again with the next generation of consoles people will eventually notice that the wii mote really isn't this miracle of modern technology and adds very little to the games. I mean look at the light gun for the nes it was amazing as a kid but It collected dust short after I stopped playing mario.

One thing is indisputable, Nintendo know how to make money and create a new market for themselves.

Congrats Nintendo for making such a popular console and delivering some great experiences on it, but for a fleshed out library with more choice in-line with what I want as a gamer, I will look elsewhere for most of my gaming.

Now sit back and wait for the floods of "But therezzz no gameezz on the Wii, 360/PS3 superiorrr!111".